Iowa Schools with Nail Technician Programs

There are a multitude of accredited cosmetology schools throughout the state of Iowa which offer nail technician training. Schools do require that students pay a one-time fee to cover the cost of their equipment, books, and uniforms (if required). Some schools offer part-time (15-25 hours a week) programs, while others have full-time (35-40 hours), allowing prospective students to find courses that fit in their schedule.

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Overview of Nail Technician Schools in Iowa

Typical nail technology programs include both practical and theoretical teachings with plenty of hands-on practice under the guide of a licensed instructor. Teachings can include any or all of the following sort of classes:

– Theory of nail technology
– Natural nail care
– Nail enhancements
– Manicures
– Pedicures
– Repairs & Fills
– Massage
– Wraps
– Sculpted Nails
– Communication
– Business Skills
– Sanitation
– Practical Clinic

Of course, the names of these classes will depend on the school in question. In addition, some programs may offer more or less classes and have different graduation requirements.

Nail Technician Licensing Requirements in Iowa

In order to ensure proper health, safety, and sanitation compliance, Iowa requires that all nail technicians obtain proper licensure. In order to be granted a license, applicants must have achieved the following:

– Minimum of 325 hours of training from an approved school
– Pass the NIC exam

The NIC examination is a test from the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology. It assess individuals theoretical knowledge in nail technology as well as their practical skill.

Schools are also required to be approved by the government of Iowa and all instructors must also be licensed. So be sure to check that your school meets these requirements before registering.

Employment Outlook for Nail Technicians in Iowa

Employees in this field make an average of approximately twelve dollars an hour, with an annual income of $25,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though, of course, this will vary from one employer to another and can also depend upon the individual technician’s skill.

Employment rate in this field is currently about equal to the statewide average. It is expected that it will more or less remain this way, that is average, now through 2020.

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Nail Technician Schools in Iowa

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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PCI Academy – Ames, IA
La’ James International College – Cedar Falls, IA
Hair Tech – Creston, IA
Hair Tech School-Cosmetology  Creston, IA
La’ James International College  Davenport, IA
Iowa School of Beauty – Des Moines, IA
La’ James International College – Fort Dodge, IA
La’ James International College – Iowa City, IA
La’ James International College – Johnston, IA
La’ James College-Hairstyling  Mason City, IA
Iowa School of Beauty – Ottumwa, IA
Iowa School of Beauty – Sioux City, IA
Faust Institute of Cosmetology – Spirit Lake, IA
Faust Institute of Cosmetology  Storm Lake, IA