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Interested in completing your beauty program education from a Michigan cosmetology school?  You are in luck!  Michigan has over 100 beauty schools, offering a variety of cosmetology specialty programs, for you to choose from.  BeautySchools.com is here to help you compare different schools so that you find the one that is beste suited for you.

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Enrolling in a Michigan cosmetology program is your first step to entering the wonderful world of the beauty industry.  While looking at different schools, it is your responsibility to ensure that each program meets the following required classroom training hours established by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

  • Cosmetologist: 1,500 training hours
  • Barber: 2,000 training hours
  • Esthetician: 400 training hours
  • Manicurist: 400 training hours
  • Electrologist: 400 training hours
  • Massage Therapist: 500 training hours
  • Cosmetology Instructor: 500 additional hours plus a cosmetology license

After the minimum number of hours has been completed, you must successfully pass the state examination before applying for your cosmetology license.

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