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Have you ever wondered how you could use your natural leadership skills in the exciting, always-changing salon setting? You may want to consider a career in salon management. Those who work in this field may possess a strong ability to multitask, a knowledge of the trends and styles in the beauty industry, and an ability to work efficiently with a wide range of personalities.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

If you decide to study salon management in Michigan, you have to learn about how to apply a multitude of management skills to the unique challenges of the salon industry. Previous experience in the cosmetology industry may be useful, but it isn’t required for most salon management programs.

Earning a degree in salon management can help you work toward your dreams of managing or owning a salon. Jessica Ullmer used her experience in salon management to prepare her for salon ownership, and she now owns a major salon in a metropolitan area. Ready to take the first step in a salon management career? Check out our school listings below.

Picking a Salon Management School in Michigan

You may be able to find salon management programs at many different places in Michigan. Some cosmetology and beauty schools offer these programs, allowing you to get practical experience as you learn. You may also find what you need at a two-year technical school or community college. These programs can help you build a solid base of management skills.

When you start your salon management degree, you may learn basic information about how a salon runs and what day-to-day duties must be carried out in salon operations. If you have no salon experience, you may study the different job titles in this industry and find out what different people are responsible for. With this information, you can begin applying your training to a salon setting and building your practical skills.

From there, you can start developing a set of management principles that can help you effectively lead salon employees on a daily basis. Your curriculum may cover hiring staff, disciplining staff, and appropriately motivating staff. You may also study staff interactions and learn how to facilitate a safe and healthy work environment.

A major part of your curriculum may focus on keeping your salon running smoothly and legally. OSHA and your state’s Board of Cosmetology may have strict standards for cleanliness and sanitation in a salon. By becoming familiar with these standards, you may be able to help your owner avoid costly fines and punishments.

Working as a Salon Manager in Michigan

The skills gained in a salon management program are widely applicable, giving you the chance to explore your career options and figure out where you can thrive. You may start out in a chain salon, as these employers may have more entry-level positions. After gaining experience and seniority in a salon setting, you may be qualified for a position in a high-end spa or salon.

People in management positions at spas and salons earn a fairly wide salary range, according to O*Net. They report an average annual salary of $34,000 per year in Michigan (O*Net, 2013). However, O*Net reports salaries ranging from $21,100 per year to $58,000 per year (O*Net, 2013).

As a salon professional, you may be expected to attend cosmetology and beauty events. Even if you cannot act in the role of a cosmetologist or beauty professional, it’s still important to be aware of what goes on in the beauty industry. Consider joining a group like the Allied Professionals Association, which supports spa and salon professionals throughout the country. You may also want to attend the Ultimate Style Expo to see what consumers are looking for.

Are you excited to start a career in salon management? If now is the time to make a change for your future, get started by looking at our salon management school listings below.