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Michigan Permanent Makeup Programs

Are you looking for a beauty career that uses the latest technology and offers huge potential for growth? Perhaps you want to do something that can really change people’s lives and restore their self-esteem. Permanent makeup fits all of these qualities. Though you need to have very precise and accurate skills to work in this field, mastering permanent makeup can help you give people the appearance and self-confidence they’ve always wanted.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

Permanent makeup requires a good eye for detail, since you use tattoo needles to deposit pigment on the skin. This can be used for cosmetic purposes and medically-indicates purposes. For example, someone who goes through chemotherapy may use permanent makeup to get natural-looking eyebrows on their face. The Leader Post reports that hair tattooing, performed by permanent makeup artists, can bring pride to those who have been insecure for a long time.

If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of permanent makeup and this exciting career path, the first step is looking into schools in Michigan. Take a look at our school list to get started.

Studying Permanent Makeup in MI

You need to get a well-rounded and thorough education in permanent makeup to begin a career in this industry. Clearly, this requires a mix of theory learning and hands-on training. Keep reading to find out what a permanent makeup curriculum may cover.

As you may expect, a major part of your training is hands-on practice. With the help of your instructor, you may look at real tattoo needles, learn about the differences between them, and discover how you can decide between tattoo needles for each client’s needs. After you’ve learned how to choose tattoo needles, you may learn how to use them on a client’s skin. Though this may involve the use of model heads early in your education, you may work with real clients as you approach graduation.

Knowing how to talk clients is incredibly important in this field, since you must be able to deliver the service and quality they expect. Your instructors can teach you how to carry out a client consultation, which may include getting a patient’s medical history, finding out what kind of makeup looks they like, and asking what they want to get from their permanent makeup experience.

To work in permanent makeup anywhere in Michigan, you need to meet strict safety and hygiene standards. Your instructors may cover OSHA standards and how you can meet them in your permanent makeup practice. Furthermore, you may learn about different cleaning tools and how they are used to maintain hygienic standards in a permanent makeup office.

Permanent Makeup Careers in Michigan

Permanent makeup is still a fairly new field, so it can be difficult to find specific employment information about this field. However, you may learn more about the job outlook for permanent makeup artists by looking at what’s available where you live. If there are few or no permanent makeup artists where you live, there may be an opportunity there for an aspiring artist. In addition, the demand for permanent makeup professionals may be higher in large cities, where new trends tend to catch on faster.

To learn more about this field and connect with others who work in permanent makeup, consider joining the Michigan Esthetics Association. This association is a good fit for anyone who works in skin care, so you may be able to network with those who can help you advance your career. You may also be able to attend continuing education events or find out what customers in your area want.
The salary you earn as a Michigan permanent makeup artist depends a lot on how much experience you have and which setting you work in. Self-employed artists, those who work in salons, and those who work for dermatologists may earn wildly different salaries. O*Net reports an average salary of $19,500 per year for Michigan skin care specialists, with salaries ranging up to $44,100 per year.

Ready to begin a career in permanent makeup? Michigan schools are waiting to hear from you—check out our list of schools below to begin.