Cosmetology Instructor Training in Michigan

Michigan cosmetology instructor training programs are well-established and some of the best in the country. At the Michigan College of Beauty, for example, you can gain an education in teaching practice, course outlining and curriculum review. Your education will help you excel in teaching others about the practical aspects of cosmetology. Students will be able to go out into the community to use their skills due to the education that they have received from you.

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In Michigan cosmetology instructor programs, you can also learn how to teach difficult theoretical courses to students. You will be empowered to help students master professionalism and work with clients in practice salon clinic settings. During a cosmetology instructor program, you also learn how to prepare students for passing the state board exams in Michigan. Some courses that you take may also include introduction to teaching, innovative teaching methods or performing live demonstrations. Performing demonstrations is one of the most important parts of being a cosmetology instructor, because visual learners are able to grasp difficult hair styling concepts in the classroom.

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Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Michigan

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs sets forth the license requirements for cosmetology instructors in Michigan after you have completed a licensed cosmetology instructor training program. In addition, Michigan divides its instruction areas into specific topics in which you must become licensed. These topic areas include Cosmetology, Natural Hair Culturing, Electrology, Manicuring and Esthetics. Other license requirements put forth by LARA include that one must be of good moral character, have a high school diploma, have met the experience requirements, have the minimum number of instructor training hours and pass the theory exam. For cosmetology, LARA requires that students have at least 500 hours of instructor training, and all other fields require 300 hours.

Employment Opportunities in Michigan

The BLS reports that the average salary for vocational education instructors in Michigan is about $52,110 a year. Cosmetology instructors can expect to earn a starting salary that varies from $30,000 to $40,000 a year. Established cosmetology instructors may earn a salary that exceeds $50,000 a year. Those who work on a part-time basis or only teach a single class during a semester may earn a stipend. The stipend is usually for a few thousand dollars.

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Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in Michigan