Beauty Schools in Scottsdale Arizona

With the right training and passion, you can begin contributing to the beauty community of Scottsdale and make people feel better about themselves every day. With over 226,000 residents, Scottsdale has a huge potential client base for cosmetology professionals who are willing to get out there, market, and improve their skills.

Scottsdale is home to a handful of beauty schools, including the Carsten Institute of Cosmetology and Penrose Academy. These schools can help you study the broad field of cosmetology as a whole or give you the chance to study a specialized career path.

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Getting settled in the Scottsdale area can give you the opportunity to earn a range of competitive salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly rate for a Scottsdale cosmetologist is $12.16 per hour. Skin care specialists claim a medium income of $17.16 per hour (BLS, 2014).

You could be on your way to an exciting beauty career in as little as a few months. Find out more now by contacting Scottsdale beauty schools below.

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Life and Cosmetology Career Options in Scottsdale Area

Studying at a Scottsdale beauty school means that you get to become part of the beauty community of this metropolitan area. One of the biggest benefits of living in this area is the Professional Beauty Association, a national beauty organization that has its headquarters in Scottsdale.

There are annual events hosted by the PBA in Scottsdale, including the PBA Executive Summit. This event is intended for management professionals and those who hope to work in a leadership capacity. Even if you never leave Scottsdale, you can connect with beauty professionals from all over the country.

Scottsdale, thanks to its thriving beauty community, also has many diverse employment options for graduates. Some of the notable employers in this area include Ulta Beauty, Clarins, Destination Resorts, Bare Escentuals, and beGlammed. In addition, there are many salon chains and locally-owned salons in this region.

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