Cosmetology Instructor Training in Arizona

As a cosmetology instructor, you can empower, inspire and educate students to become the best cosmetologists that they can be. Attending a cosmetology training program in Arizona ensures that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to fully instruct students in the art of cosmetology. You will take courses that will expose you to theoretical and scientific concepts in the beauty industry and prepare you for teaching these concepts to students.

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Find a Cosmetology Instructor School

Upon completing a cosmetology instructor training program in Arizona, you can feel confident in your ability to teach students about mixing colors, chemical composition and other aspects of the beauty industry. You can feel prepared to perform demonstrations in hair styling and makeup application for your classes.

You may also receive a certificate from a cosmetology training program that is necessary for your licensure in Arizona or other states with license requirements for cosmetology instructors. You may also want to see whether a cosmetology instructor training program will give you the chance to gain real-world experience during your time in school. This type of real-world experience could include performing sample classes in front of other students or administrators.

Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Arizona

Similar to most states, Arizona requires that all cosmetology instructors have a license. You must submit an application to the Arizona Board of Cosmetology in order to receive a license to provide instruction in the state. In addition, you will need to have a high school education and provide evidence that you are at least 23 years old. Arizona laws also require that you have at least one year of experience in the beauty industry as well as proof of completion of at least 650 hours of cosmetology training at an accredited program. There is a required state exam that you will also need to take in order to apply for a license.

Employment Opportunities in Arizona

According to the BLS, vocational educators earn a median salary of $55,130 a year. If you only teach one or two classes a semester you can expect to earn median wages of at least $23.25 an hour. As a cosmetology instructor, you can find open positions in beauty schools, private colleges and public universities. If you are interested in teaching at a beauty school, you  should seek open positions by joining cosmetologist organizations or inquiring at the career services department of a cosmetology instructor training program.

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Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in Arizona

You may also be interested in these schools that offer Full Cosmetology Programs