Arizona Esthetics Schools and Programs

Estheticians, also called skin care specialists, work at Arizona spas, salons, resorts, health clubs, hotels and department stores. They clean and care for skin, and provide treatments such as facial massage, aromatherapy, and facials.

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Find an Esthetician School

Estheticians teach clients to apply make up and skin care products that are best for their skin types. Some Arizona estheticians specialize in medical skin care, working with burn patients, cancer patients, and people with skin damage due to surgery, injury or accidents.

Students who attend an Arizona esthetics school learn about hygiene for equipment and salons. They learn to evaluate clients’ skin, apply treatments and skin care products, and apply cosmetics that best suit the clients’ needs and appearance.

Arizona Esthetician License Requirements

The Arizona Board of Cosmetology requires esthetics students complete 600 hours of classroom and hands-on training at an approved Arizona esthetics school. Following graduation, students must pass both a written and a practical exam to obtain their Arizona Esthetician license.

The curriculum at esthetics school stresses the structure and function of skin, and care for the skin using different techniques, equipment, and products. Many schools offer classes in business and career development for future estheticians. Arizona requires esthetician students study state laws and regulations covering esthetics practice.

Students in esthetic school learn about cosmetology, skin care products, chemical peels, hair removal, make up products, skin care procedures, and make up application. (

Career Outlook for Arizona Estheticians

Nationally, estheticians earn a median wage of $28,640 before tips according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most work in locations such as salons and spas. Many work at resorts and hotels. A significant percentage of estheticians nationwide work with medical providers. Others make it to the make up artist business, working with stars of film and fashion. Some estheticians go on to work as representatives for skin care and cosmetics companies Salaries are highest in hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors offices.

The Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area ranks sixth highest in the nation for esthetician salaries, with an annual average salary of $34,870 before tips. Statewide, estheticians earn an average of $34,420 per year before tips. Nationwide, job growth for estheticians has a bright outlook according to the BLS. Growth should near 25% by the year 2020 thanks to the increasing number of spas and salons.

Join an Arizona Esthetics Association

Arizona is one of a number of states that has a state organization to foster continued education and networking among the esthetic workforce in Arizona.  To continue to grow professionally, the United Aesthetics Organization and the Arizona Aesthetic Association organize and encourage both regional and national events to help develop your professional skills.

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Esthetics Schools in AZ