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Pursue Beauty School Training in Fort Worth!

If you have ever dreamed about going to beauty school and one day opening your own salon, spa or nail salon, now can be a good time to find the right beauty school. The beauty industry can offer you a promising career making others look and feel their best! Getting your foot in the door of an excellent school is going to be your first step at achieving your goals. With more than 20 beauty schools in the Fort Worth, Texas area you have several options to choose from when looking for the right school to attend. While the site of the school is often a principal concern, you need to choose one that will offer you the amenities you’re looking for in a career that will take you where you want to go.

With BeautySchools.com, you can easily compare programs and request information from schools in your area. To pursue a colorful career in cosmetology in the Fort Worth area, contact the schools in our directory to learn more!

To become a professional in the beauty industry, the State of Texas has a few requirements that have to be strictly adhered to. You will have to go through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to become licensed. You also have to have the required hours during school in order to become licensed. Those hours are as follows;

  • 600 hours for nail technicians
  • 1500 hours for cosmetologists
  • 1500 hours for barbers
  • 750 hours for estheticians

Once you gain the valuable knowledge from the beauty school and have all of your hours complete, you can be on your way to the career of your dreams and making your own clients beautiful with the work that you do. You can use our free directory of schools to request more information and learn about the exciting things that each school offers.

Choose the Right Beauty Program!

There are several programs you can consider when you make the decision to attend beauty school. If you want a cosmetologist license you could potentially take that education and use it to become a make-up artist helping your own clients with not only make-up application, but providing them with skin care treatments, cleansers and moisturizers that can make them look (and feel) as beautiful as possible. You may also decide that you want to obtain your barber’s license. As a licensed barber, you can learn the latest techniques and cutting-edge styles for both men and women. An esthetician’s license can open up a world of possibilities for you. You could use your license to work for a top spa or salon, open your own salon providing facials and skincare treatments, or even try make-up artistry. Regardless of the field you decide to enter, with hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals in the world of beauty.

Salary Outlook and Networking

Who doesn’t want to get paid to work in a field they are passionate about? Here’s the fun part! It is important to know what kind of salary you can expect from the different types of licensure they have to choose from. Salaries will vary depending on what area of expertise you choose. For example, a cosmetologist in Fort Worth, TX could earn between $16,400 and $40,300. You can look up standard salaries in the Fort Worth, Texas area by checking the Labor Statistics for that area. One of the most important things that should do when attempting to enter the beauty field is to network with professionals in the industry. You’ll want to meet people who work for the top salons and beauty associations in the area.

Salons such as the Lemongrass Salon or the Dallas Fort Worth Spa Association are excellent choices to begin networking. The Spa Association works with networking for beauty professionals and students and can help guide said students in the direction they need to make networking with professionals as successful and stress-free as possible. Your individual success begins the dedication that you put into your education. When you work hard, you have the possibility of achieving your dreams in the beauty field.

Don’t wait to find the right beauty programs in Fort Worth. Contact the schools in our free directory to learn more about their programs!

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