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Makeup Artist Schools in Texas

If you love applying makeup and have a friendly personality, this may be an excellent career path. Whether you want to work at a salon, or manage your own, use our free directory to start pursuing your goals!

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Here are some of the schools we work with that accept students in Texas:

– Salon Boutique Academy
– Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology
– Exposito School of Hair Design
– Milan Institute of Cosmetology
– I.T.S. Academy of Beauty
– Regency Beauty Institute
– Aveda Institute
– Vista College
– Duvalls School of Cosmetology

Overview of Make-up Artist Schools and Curriculum in Texas

Most makeup artist programs cover similar topics, such as: body art, theatrical makeup, permanent makeup application, bridal makeup, film and television makeup application, fashion makeup application, professionalism, photo shoot makeup application and other courses. If you have aspirations to manage your own salon, look for schools that also offer business-focused courses. It’s also a good idea to make sure your instructors have real-world experience, including managing their own business. That’s why we encourage you to contact several schools to make sure you find one that will help you achieve your goals.

Schools may offer financial aid or cosmetology scholarships to also alleviate the cost of attending school for you. Do not let your financial situation deter you from pursuing your dream of becoming a makeup artist. There are admissions counselors who are available to discuss the scholarship opportunities that may be available from a particular makeup artist school.

Make-up Artist Licensing in Texas

There is currently no requirement that makeup artists carry a particular license in Texas. However, makeup artists may wish to pursue an esthetician or cosmetologist license so that they are able to transition into other careers in the beauty industry. For example, makeup artists may also wish to provide skin cleansing or facial treatments to clients. To obtain an esthetician license in Texas, students will need to obtain at least 750 hours of coursework and instruction. To obtain a cosmetologist license in Texas, students need to acquire at least 1,500 hours of coursework and instruction.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-up Artists in Texas

Pursuing a makeup artist career is perfect for the person who loves creativity and independence. You can create your own daily schedule and book appointments with clients whenever you want. You can also choose to work full-time for a fashion company, cosmetics company or salon. You may even be hired by a media company to provide makeup services for journalists who are about to go on air every day. There are so many ways to make makeup artistry into an exciting career choice.

According to the BLS, the average salary of makeup artists is about $32,650 a year. There will be a slight increase in the salary that makeup artists receive in the upcoming years. While there are over 2,500 makeup artists and skin care specialists currently employed in the state, the BLS does indicate that there will still be a 15 percent increase in the demand for makeup artists in the future.

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Makeup Artist Schools in Texas