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Massage Therapy Schools in Texas

Not only is Texas the second most populous state, it also has the third highest number of licensed massage therapists, making it a great choice for you if you are interested in massage therapy.   BeautySchools.com has compiled a list of the top massage therapy schools in Texas that will offer you a unique and individualized learning experience, with some programs being as small as ten students.  Other schools offer larger programs with potentially 35 students or more, so this is something to keep in mind when looking at different massage therapy schools.

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Texas massage therapy programs consist of 500 hours, the required amount for licensure, and are separated into eight units:

– Anatomy and Physiology: 75 hours
– Massage Therapy Technique: 200 hours
– Health and Hygiene: 20 hours
– Hydrotherapy: 20 hours
– Kinesiology: 50 hours
– Pathology: 40 hours
– Business Practices and Professional Ethics: 45 hours
– Internship: 50 hours

Upon completion of your massage therapy program, you will receive a certificate or a degree depending on which school you have selected.

Learn About Massage Therapy Licensing Requirements in Texas

In Texas, you must become licensed before practicing massage therapy.  You must first submit your official transcript to the Texas Department of State Health Services that shows you have completed the necessary coursework from an acceptable school.   Then, you must pass either the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards exam or the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork exam.

Texas also requires that you renew your license every two years, which costs $106.  In addition, you must complete 12 hours of continuing education for each two year renewal.  Texas also has a unique opportunity for mentoring programs through established massage therapists, such as at Spa Alexis Massage and Bodywork.  .  Once you have become licensed, it is important that you meet with other massage therapy professionals in order to grow professionally.  You should consider becoming part of the Texas Association of Massage Therapists or the Texas Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Work As A Massage Therapist in Texas

Texas is one of the top five states for the highest level of employment for massage therapists with 4,270 jobs for massage therapists, not including those who are self-employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the number of jobs for massage therapists will increase from 2010 to 2020 by 20 percent. You can earn a comfortable income as well, with the average salary in Texas for massage therapists being $38,000 or roughly $18.27 per hour. You may want to consider self-employment, since it is a possibility and can allow you to be in charge of your career.

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Massage Therapist Schools in Texas


Institute of Beauty and Massage – Austin – Austin, TX
Lauterstein-Conway Massage School – Austin, TX
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute – Brownsville – Brownsville, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – Bryan College Station – Bryan College Station, TX
Austin School of Massage – Corpus Christi, TX
ATI Career Training Center – Dallas, TX
ATI Career Training Center-Stemmons – Dallas, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – El Paso – El Paso, TX
ATI Career Training Center  Houston, TX
Anthem College-Irving – Irving, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – Killeen – Killeen, TX
ATI Career Training Center – Lewisville, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – Lubbock – Lubbock, TX
HandsOn Therapy School – Mesquite, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – Midland  Midland, TX
ATI Career Training Center – North Richland Hills, TX
Ke Kino Massage Academy – Plano, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – San Angelo – San Angelo, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – San Antonio – San Antonio, TX
Austin School of Massage – San Marcos, TX
Institute of Beauty and Massage – Waco  Waco, TX