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Alabama can be a great choice to consider receiving cosmetology education, with over 75 schools that offer at least one cosmetology program.  From career colleges to full cosmetology schools, there is an a beauty program that will fit your educational career goals.  Beauty professionals in Alabama are regulated by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, and must become licensed in order to practice in the state.  The board oversees and grants licenses for those who have completely met the following requirements and have passed both the written and practical exams.

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    • Cosmetologist: 1,500 hours of training or 3,000 apprentice hours within 3 years
    • Cosmetology Instructor: 3,000 total hours of training
    • Barbers: 1,000 hours of training or 2,000 apprentice hours within 2 years
    • Esthetician: 1,000 training hours or 2,000 apprentice hours within 3 years
    • Massage Therapist: 650 training hours
    • Nail Technician: 750 training hours or 1,200 apprentice hours within 2 years

Until recently, Alabama was the only state that did not require barbers to become licensed.  In September, 2013, the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering combined the regulations of cosmetologists to include barbers.

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You must renew your license in odd-numbered years by your birthday in order to remain active. Eight hours of continuing education are required for the master license and 16 hours are required for the instructor license. You are required to take the licensing exam again if you let your license lapse for three or more years.

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