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Alabama Makeup Artist Schools and Programs

Although makeup artist schools are sometimes hard to find, there are many great cosmetology programs in Alabama that can train you to become a professional.

Whether you want to work at home or in a salon, or in the entertainment industry, your first step is contacting schools in your area that can help you attain your goal. BeautySchools.com maintains relationships with 100’s of schools across the nation. We live and breath the beauty industry and work every day to inspire more students to pursue their passions.

Don’t wait to take the next step toward professional success! We recommend contacting 2-3 programs before making your decision. That way, you can be sure to weigh the benefits of each one before making your decision.

Here are some of the schools in Alabama that we can help you contact:

– The Aveda Institute
– The Genesis Career College
– The Regency Beauty Institute
– Remington College
– The Paul Mitchell Schools
– The Salon Professional Academies
– The Virginia Colleges

After completion from an accredited program, you can focus on your exciting new career.   At The University of Make-Up, you can take free courses, but paying for a membership will give you access to more intensive training and you will receive your Make-Up Artist’s Certificate upon training completion.  Artists Within is an Online Training Program based on a successful in-house Training Program of the same name. Artists Within has been training successful Make-Up Professionals for over a decade.

Make-Up Artist Licensing in Alabama

Alabama is one of the only states where the same number of training or apprenticeship hours are required for both work as a cosmetologist or work as an esthetician. In most states, training as an esthetician is more favorable preparation for a make-up artistry career, because you will have specialized skin care experience. In addition, most states require estheticians to complete much less training than cosmetologists. Therefore, if you are looking to start your career as early as possible, it’s best to train and work somewhere other than Alabama. If you train somewhere else and then come back to work in Alabama, you will still have to make up the difference with training hours or work experience before you can work as a beauty professional here.


The Alabama Board of Cosmetology will allow you to test for your Esthetician’s or Cosmetologist’s License once you have trained for 1500 hours or apprenticed for 3000 Hours. Exams are administered by PSI and PCS and you can take these exams in English only. Once you complete and pass your written and practical exams, the Board will issue your license.

Renewals and Transfers

You have to renew your beauty license every two years in Alabama and the cost is only $80 if you renew on time. If you are a little late, it will cost you $130. If you allow your license to expire for more than three years, you have to re-take the practical exams. You don’t have to complete any continuing educations courses to renew your license and you must renew by your birthday month every two odd years (like in 2015 and 2017).

You can transfer to work in Alabama if you are Licensed in another state. However, Alabama will look at your Training and Work Experience to determine if you qualify for outright reciprocity, or if you need to complete additional Training or Testing.

After obtaining an Esthetic or Cosmetology License, many make-up professionals opt to take specialized courses and obtain specific degrees or certificates in make-up artistry.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-Up Artists in Alabama

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can earn over $28,900 as an Esthetician and $22,500 as a Cosmetologist. Make-Up Artists tend to work on a freelance basis, while continuing their other work. For example, you might work Monday through Friday as an Esthetician and then do make-up professionally for a dance performance in Auburn on Wednesday night, and then again for a wedding that Sunday in Birmingham.

Alabama offers many wonderful places for you to live and work including, Birmingham, Hoover, Huntsville, Mobile, Daphne, Montgomery and Auburn.

Check out these cosmetology programs that can help you prepare for a career in makeup artistry…