Barbering Schools in Alabama

As a professional barber in Alabama, you will have the opportunity to work for a wide variety of clients from many different backgrounds and age groups. You will style and cut hair for male customers, give them trims and shaves, and you might even do facials as well. can help you find the training you need to be a successful barber.

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Overview of Barbering Schools and Curriculum in Alabama

There are no specified barbering degrees or licenses in Alabama as of yet, so if you want to provide grooming services for male clients exclusively, you should consider completing a cosmetology program. Not only can you can the skills to achieve your goal, but individuals have to earn a cosmetology license to work legally as a barber in most parts of Alabama. Attaining a cosmetology license means that you will have to complete training that will teach you to cut and style both male and female hair. You will also have an opportunity to learn nail technician skills and makeup artistry. However, Alabama does accept apprenticeship as a valid form of training, so if you want barbering to be your specialty, this is a more focused route you can take.

You can complete the training you need to take your licensing test at any accredited cosmetology school in Alabama including:

– The Regency Institute in Hoover
– Genesis in Daphne
– Fortis in Mobile
– Aveda’s Birmingham/Hoover campus
– Salon Professional in Huntsville
– Remington’s Cosmetology Program in Mobile
– The Virginia College Cosmetology Program in Huntsville or Mobile

Barber Licensing in Alabama

In most parts of Alabama, you can only work as a barber if you have a cosmetology license. There are some counties that will allow you to work as a barber without a license, but you must inquire about this on a county level, and as of yet, no county lists this information publicly. However, a cosmetology license will allow you to work as a barber anywhere in the state.

To get a cosmetology license in Alabama, you must complete a certain number of training hours at an accredited school or complete an apprenticeship as follows:

Cosmetology – 1500 Hours of School or 3000 Hours of Apprenticeship with a Licensed Cosmetologist
Cosmetology Instructor – 3000 Hours of School

You must renew your cosmetology license every odd year (like 2011 and 2013), before the end of your birth month of that year. If you renew your license on time, it will cost $80 to renew. If you renew it late, it will cost you $130 to renew. In order to be considered a Master Cosmetologist, you must complete 8 Additional Hours of continuing education training before renewing every other year and instructors must complete 16 Additional Hours of continuing education training before renewing. If you let your license expire for three years or more, you will have to retake the Alabama State Practical Exams.

If you want to work as a barber in Alabama, and you are a licensed barber from another state, your training or apprenticeship hours must be equal to those required by Alabama, and the state where you are licensed must send proof of your legal licensure in that state or territory. From that point, the Alabama Board of Cosmetology will decide whether to issue you a license or not. They might also ask you to take some local tests or ask you to complete additional training and then test before issuing you a license.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in Alabama

Alabama has a tropical, warm and humid client. Many male residents keep their hair short and tidy to stay comfortable and to maintain a neat appearance. Whether you want work in the ever pleasant community of Huntsville, a popular city like Mobile or Birmingham, or a rural area with beautiful greenery and surroundings, there is great potential for career growth in Alabama. In addition, the cost of living is manageable, the taxes are low, there are decent schools and there’s cultural diversity. According to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics, people in the personal care field earn approximately, $22,500 a year and receive tips on top of that. Alabama is a great state to build your barbering career!

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Alabama Barbering Schools

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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Alabama State College-Barber – Birmingham, AL
University Academy of Hair Design – Northport, AL