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Since it’s the capital of country music in the United States, it’s no surprise that Nashville has a huge community of people that rely on glitz, glamour, and everything else that beauty professionals bring to the table. After getting an education at a local school like Nashville Barber and Style Academy or Remington College, you too can play a role in Nashville’s beauty industry. You can enjoy the membership benefits of the Tennessee Beautician’s Association whether you are a student or professional. Use to find the right place to get the training you need for a creative career. Be sure to compare multiple programs to be sure you choose the best one for you!

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As you go through our thorough list of beauty schools in Nashville, you may be wondering how to choose the best school for your educational needs. Consider each school’s programs to ensure that the school you choose offers the program of your choice. You may also want to look into each school’s student-to-faculty ratio. If this ratio is too large, you may have difficulty finding time to interact with your instructors.

The large city of Nashville is home to several cosmetology and beauty schools with programs in cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and hair styling. The Tennessee Board of Cosmetology has strict rules for how much education licensed beauty professionals must get. You’ll likely find that, depending on which program you enroll in, you will need to complete between 340 and 1,500 hours of classroom training.

Your school’s curriculum will likely be based on simple skills that you master and then ramp up. For example, in the early days of your education you may tackle basic hair cutting skills, customer service, and others types of beauty. As you develop proficiency in each area, you can learn more advanced types of procedures.

What to Expect When You Graduate…

A positive job outlook can make a world of difference as you begin your career, when it’s most important to build a reputation and gain experience. O*Net anticipates a 20% increase in job openings for Tennessee cosmetologists between 2010 and 2020, a 7% increase over the national average.

While the salary range in Tennessee is indicative of how much you can earn, you should note that your salary is affected by many factors. Your base salary may make up a large part of your earnings, but tips are important too. O*Net reports that the average Tennessee cosmetology salary is $22,700, with a salary range of $16,600 to $38,500 per year (O*Net, 2012).

Don’t wait to take control of your career! Use the links below to find the training you need to make Nashville a more beautiful place!

Find Cosmetology Schools in Tennessee by Program

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Nashville Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

International Barber & Style College

3744 Annex Avenue Nashville, TN 37209

Programs Offered: Barbering
Student to Teacher Ratio: 15 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 75%

Nashville Barber and Style Academy

2603 Jefferson Street Nashville, TN 37208-2826

Programs Offered: Barbering, Cosmetology and Hair Styling
Student to Teacher Ratio: 15 to 1
Weekend Classes: No

Remington College-Nashville Campus

441 Donelson Pk Ste 150 Nashville, TN 37214

Programs Offered: Cosmetology
Student to Teacher Ratio: 15 to 1
Weekend Classes: Yes
Retention Rate: 71%

Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville

100 White Bridge Rd Nashville, TN 37209-4515

Programs Offered: Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Skin Care
Student to Teacher Ratio: 18 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 76%

Volunteer Beauty School-Nashville

5338 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37209-3033

Programs Offered: Cosmetology, Esthetics and Skin Care
Student to Teacher Ratio: 8 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 71%