Cosmetology Instructor Training in Tennessee

In Tennessee, you can make your dreams of teaching cosmetology classes come true. World-class programs at the Paul Mitchell School can help you become confident in your skills as a teacher. You can learn how to teach theory and practical application courses to students with a passion for cosmetology. In a cosmetology instructor training program, you can also take courses that teach you how to grade tests and worksheets for students. Ultimately, you can also learn skills that help you to teach students how to prepare and succeed on the state cosmetology board exam.

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The typical cosmetology instructor program only takes three to six months to complete. Upon finishing a cosmetology instructor program, you may be empowered to teach courses after your normal work hours or become a full-time instructor. In a cosmetology instructor training program, you also have the opportunity to learn how to provide skilled instruction in esthetics, barbering, cosmetology and nail technology. You can decide whether you wish to become a full-time instructor who teaches all of these courses to students, or you may choose a specialty area for your teaching.

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Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Tennessee

To become a cosmetology instructor in Tennessee, laws require that you obtain a valid license as a cosmetologist, manicurist, hair stylist or esthetician. In addition, Tennessee laws require that you meet other educational and experience requirements. You must have a high school degree or G.E.D. and complete a board-approved instructor training program. The other option that you have is to serve as a junior instructor for at least one year to become a qualified cosmetology instructor in Tennessee. There is also a written and practical examination that must be completed prior to the time in which one may serve as a qualified instructor in Tennessee.

Every two years, you will also need to complete at least 16 hours of continuing education credits. Instructors can learn about continuing education seminars being offered by visiting the Continuing Education Information page on the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology website.

Employment Opportunities in Tennessee

According to the BLS, vocational education instructors earn an average annual salary of about $52,770 a year. Cosmetology instructors earn an average of $25 an hour. The salary of a cosmetology instructor can range from $27,000 to $53,000 depending on the experience one has and the number of hours that one works in a week. You have the ability to teach the number of courses that fits into their schedule for a given semester, so there is great flexibility in this career choice.

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Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in Tennessee