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Are you interested in completing your cosmetology training from a Pennsylvania beauty school? wants to make your search for a perfect program as easy as possible.  That is why we have compiled the Web’s most extensive list of PA cosmetology schools for you to choose from.  As the 3rd top state for cosmetology employment, it not only makes a great state to enroll in a program but also to find work opportunities after you have received your cosmetology license.

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Before applying for your license through the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology, you must meet the minimum education requirements it has established for the following cosmetology programs from a board approved school.

  • Cosmetologist: 1,250 training hours
  • Esthetician: 300 training hours
  • Nail Technician: 200 training hours, with hours earned in no less than one month
  • Natural Hair Braider: 300 training hours
  • Cosmetology Teacher: valid Pennsylvania cosmetologist license + 500 additional training hours

You also have the option in Pennsylavania to become a  limited licensed teacher in esthetics, natural hair braiding, and nail technology.  In order to do so, you must present a valid Pennsylvania limited cosmetology license and complete 500 hours of instruction in a teacher training program.

In PA, barbers and massage therapists are under separate divisions than the other cosmetology professions.  If you wish to become licensed in these two fields, you will need to meet the training requirements established by the State Board of Barber Examiners and State Board of Massage Therapists.

  • Barber: 1,250 training hours
  • Massage Therapist: 600 training hours

If you are a licensed cosmetologist in the state and wish to also receive your barber license, you will only need to complete an additional 695 hours of education in order to apply for your license.

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