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Salon Management Programs in Pennsylvania

As an established or aspiring beauty professional, perhaps you are looking into a career in management. Managers are the backbone of any salon or spa—they ensure that staff members are treated well, keep the floor covered during busy times, and keep the salon clean and tidy for inspections and board visits.

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Overview of Salon Management Schools and Curriculum in Pennsylvania

The first step you must take to get established in this field involves deciding which type of degree fits into your career goals. If you have a cosmetology license or prior experience in this industry, you may only need a certificate or diploma to become a successful manager. However, there are also Associate’s degree programs that you may wish to consider. These programs typically range from one to two years of full-time study.

Business management skills are an essential part of succeeding in this career path. As you move through your curriculum, you may learn how to balance the books for a salon, process payroll, pay suppliers, and otherwise ensure that finances are kept up-to-date. Other topics that may be covered include scheduling, hiring, discipline, and termination of employment.

Job and Employment Outlook for Salon Managers in Pennsylvania

The spa management field in Pennsylvania is fairly similar to what you may find in the rest of the country. Through 2022, O*Net, the average salary for a spa manager in Pennsylvania is $36,200 per year.

Networking with other beauty professionals in Pennsylvania can help you do wonderful things for your career. Not only can you learn about changing beauty laws and standards, you may meet up with potential staff members and applicants. Consider joining a group like the Pennsylvania Barber & Cosmetology Association to utilize networking opportunities.

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