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Cosmetology Schools in Pittsburgh

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Furthering your education could be a way to brighten your financial future. If you’re interested in working in a local beauty salon, then you may want to look into beauty courses for hairstylists, barbers, makeup artists, nail techs and/or skincare specialists. Take a few moments to read more about choosing the right beauty school. Then request information to compare programs in your area!

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Pittsburgh, PA
Cosmetology / Nail Technology / Teacher Training

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Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Cosmetology / Esthetics/Skin Care / Teacher Training
Pittsburgh, PA
Make-Up Artist Training
Pittsburgh, PA
Barbering / Massage Therapy
Pittsburgh, PA
Cosmetology / Esthetics/Skin Care / Nail Technology / Massage Therapy / Teacher Training
Pittsburgh, PA
Nail Technology
Pittsburgh, PA
Cosmetology / Esthetics/Skin Care / Nail Technology / Teacher Training
Pittsburgh, PA
Cosmetology / Hair Braiding / Teacher Training
Pittsburgh, PA
Massage Therapy / Continuing Education
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Cosmetology / Esthetics/Skin Care / Nail Technology / Teacher Training
School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

Those who want to dabble in a little bit of everything may find a course in cosmetology to be satisfactory, as it encompasses just about everything. These beauty classes can be found in local beauty training institutions in the Pittsburgh area, such as Empire Beauty Schools and The Cosmetology Academy at Douglas Education Center. These courses all have a specific amount of hours that have to be completed in order to obtain your license, and that is regulated by the Pennsylvania Board of Cosmetology. Here’s a look at the required hours for the following beauty courses:

• Esthetician – 300 hours
• Cosmetologist – 1,250 hours
• Nail Tech – 200 hours
• Natural Hair Braider – 300 hours
• Teacher of any of the above – 500 hours each

Turning your passion into a career is not only possible, but incredibly obtainable in Pittsburg and the surrounding areas. Why waste another minute? Use our online beauty school database to find the ideal course (or courses) for you.

Jump-Start Your Career with the Right Program

Enrolling into a beauty school can be an exciting time. The first question is: what beauty course(s) are you going to take?

Most people aim for classes that license them to work in a spa or salon, but how about becoming a teacher instead? If not right now, then maybe after years of working in a beauty parlor or owning your own business, you’ll be ready to teach others to do what you do so well. All combined, it would be 1,500 hours of course work to be able to teach in many of these fields.
If, of course, you’d like to go the more traditional route and work at a spa, here are some of the programs that may entice you:

Nail Tech: Painting nails, airbrushing nail designs and maintaining clients’ hands and feet are just a few of the things you’d be doing as a professional nail technician. In this profession, you will be responsible for cleaning off dirt and dead skin from your clients’ hands and feet, using water, soaps, solutions and brushes. At the end of the day, your clients should walk out with appendages that they won’t be ashamed to show off.

Cosmetology: Those who can’t make up their mind about what area of beauty they want to work in can simply do it all. As a cosmetologist, you’ll be able to focus on all aspects of your clients, including: hair, nails, skin and makeup.

Esthetician: As a skincare specialist, you’ll be providing treatments to clients that will cleanse, smooth and soften their skin. Being able to provide your clients with tips for home skincare is also a must. In this course, you will learn the latest industry trends and products to use for every type of skin imaginable.

Natural Hair Braider: A lot of people are transferring over to natural hair care. Being able to braid natural hair could be a great way to keep up with the trend. Most beauticians specialize in braiding weave into hair, so knowing this natural technique could put you ahead of the curve.

Sometimes, it is Who You Know…

Developing professional business habits is essential for making any career work. As a beauty professional, you’ll need to network your way up to a larger client base. In the beginning, it may seem difficult to get your first couple of clients (so make sure you “wow” them!) But after you get the hang of things, you may find it to be easier and easier as word of mouth of your skillset spreads.

By knowing which local beauty salons are hiring and where and when beauty expos will be held, you can get your foot in the door and let everyone know that you’re the real deal. As an example, if you’re into bridal hair, makeup and nails, then you may want to look into attending the Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase, for example.

As a cosmetologist in Pittsburgh, O*Net states that you could possibly earn between $16,900 and $32,800. In addition, the average salary of a Pittsburgh barber is between $22,700 – $23,100, also via O*Net.

Take the next step towards success in the beauty industry. Contact the schools in your area today by using our directory to get started!

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