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Cosmetology Schools in Columbus

Create Your Beauty Career in Columbus, OH!

A lot of people are going back to school to try to secure their financial future. If you’re one of the many who wants to attempt to start a career in the beauty industry, then it’s time to get educated in the field(s) of your choice. Learning about the different areas of the beauty industry can help you formulate a game plan and decide what field to delve into. Do you just want to style hair? Or do you want to offer a beauty smorgasbord that encompasses hair, makeup and nails (among other things?) Use our site to search for beauty programs in Columbus today!

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Find a Cosmetology School in Columbus

There are different hourly requirements for each course, which are determined by the Ohio Board of Cosmetology. Here’s a look at just a few of them:

• Hairstylist – 1,200 hours
• Cosmetologist – 1,500 hours
• Skincare Tech – 750 hours (plus 16 hours for microdermabrasion)
• Nail Tech – 200 hours (plus 8 hours for electric file use)
• Barber – 1,800 hours
• Managing cosmetologist – 1,800 hours

You’ll find these courses being offered at various nearby beauty schools, like the Nationwide Beauty Academy, The Spa School and Aveda Institute of Columbus. To locate a school near you, use our online database, which is always free of charge.

Learn More About Your Beauty Training Options

Choosing the course(s) to take for your beauty career can seem like a difficult decision, especially for you multi-taskers out there. This is why properly educating yourself about the available options for coursework is incredibly important. Once you understand the tasks that will be expected of you, it should make you decisions much more clear. Here’s what you should consider when picking a program to study in:

Barber: This is about more than just cutting hair, but doing it with style. Learning the contemporary hairstyles and designs, how to determine the best haircut for a client based on his or her facial features, and understanding how to make your clients feel comfortable (and trust you) is taught in most barber courses.

Skincare Tech: In this field you will learn about the latest remedies, products and procedures for helping people achieve the radiant skin that everyone dreams of. This course will also teach you about different skin types and how to best treat any potential issues, such as overly dry or oily skin. The skin is the largest organ, so keeping it healthy is going to be your forté.

Hairstylist: As a hairstylist, you will learn how to manage and style hair. Understanding how to use the newest products to treat your client’s hair and scalp in a way no one else has is what will hopefully keep them coming back to you! In this field, you will also cut, trim, color and texturize the hair of your clients.

Cosmetologist: Those who want to do a bit of everything may find this course to be their proverbial cup of tea. In it, you will learn how to do hair, apply makeup and care for your customers’ nails. This profession is ideal for those who have the time to dedicate and the desire to provide a full-service package to their clients.

How to Network Your Way into a Career

Unfortunately, most beauty school graduates don’t become paid professionals right away. The time it takes depends on the market and your ability to network. Like in any business, it’s important that you take the time to build your persona and a great reputation. This means developing marketing collateral, such as fliers, brochures and a Web site. Even having a social media profile on LinkedIn and Facebook could help you to reach out to potential employers and clients.

In addition, being in the right place at the right time to network is vastly important. Keeping an eye out for beauty conventions like the Premier Beauty Classic and Columbus Women’s Expo is a way you can meet important contacts that could help you solidify your career.

If you’re wondering how much you could potentially earn in your new beauty career, here’s a closer look:

• Manicurist and Pedicurist — $17,300 to $38,900
• Cosmetologist and Hairstylists — $17,400 to $39,200
• Barber — $17,400 to $44,200 (national average)
• Skincare Tech — $17,200 to $52,700

Learn more about your potential for success in the Columbus beauty industry. Contact the schools in your area to learn more today!

Find Cosmetology Schools in Ohio by Program

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Columbus Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Aveda Institute Columbus

1618 Neil Ave Columbus, OH 43201

Programs Offered: Cosmetology, Esthetics and Skin Care
Student to Teacher Ratio: 13 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 78%

Nationwide Beauty Academy

5300 Westpointe Plz Columbus, OH 43228

Programs Offered: Cosmetology, Nail Technician
Student to Teacher Ratio: 18 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 84%

Ohio State College of Barber Styling

4614 E Broad St Columbus, OH 43213

Programs Offered: Barbering
Student to Teacher Ratio: 22 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 78%

Ohio State School of Cosmetology & Experts Barber School

4390 Karl Rd Columbus, OH 43224

Programs Offered: Barbering, Cosmetology, Nail Technician
Student to Teacher Ratio: 16 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 74%

Regency Beauty Institute-Columbus

155 Graceland Blvd Columbus, OH 43214

Programs Offered: Cosmetology
Student to Teacher Ratio: 10 to 1
Weekend Classes: Yes
Retention Rate: 47%

The Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell Partner School-Columbus

3000 Morse Rd Columbus, OH 43231

Programs Offered: Cosmetology
Student to Teacher Ratio: 15 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 74%

The Spa School

5050 N High Columbus, OH 43214

Programs Offered: Cosmetology, Esthetics and Skin Care, Nail Technician
Student to Teacher Ratio: 16 to 1
Weekend Classes: No
Retention Rate: 84%