Barbering Schools in Ohio

Most barbers work in barber shops. Though some will work in upscale spas and possibly on cruise ships, the vast majority of barber professionals will work in the types of local shops that many customers prefer to visit without appointments, in order to receive simple and predictable services.

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As a barber, having good social skills is a must. Many barber shops are social environments that help build a sense of community and help younger males obtain a greater sense of self and male identity. Barber shops are places to build camaraderie and places where many men just go to have a good time with fellow males, discussing things like sports, dating and local community issues. This is true for barber shops within dozens of ethnic communities throughout the US and in many parts of the world, including African American communities and Italian communities.

Check out a few of the cosmetology schools in Ohio that offer barbering programs:

– Regency Beauty Institute
– Casal Aveda Institute
– Ohio State Schools of Cosemtology
– Cincinnati Academy
– Empire Beauty School

Overview of Barbering Schools and Curriculum in Ohio

In school, you will learn things like hair styling, hair coloring, hair shaping, texture services (mild to heavy chemical curls and relaxers), hair and scalp conditioning, dandruff and dermatitis prevention and relief and the sanitation of your work environment. In addition, you will learn to work with a diverse client base. Your male customers will have all textures of hair from fine, soft and smooth to thick, tight and kinky.

If you want to be successful at your trade, you should make an effort to be comfortable working for clients with any and every grade of hair.

Barbering Licensing in Ohio

In order to obtain your barbering license in Ohio, you must complete 1800 Hours of training at an accredited barber diploma program. Once you have completed your training, you must take the state tests administered by the Ohio Board of Cosmetology. Once you pass your tests, the board will issue you a license. You must then renew your license every odd year (like during 2013 and 2015).

You must pay $45 to renew your license and you must complete 8 Additional Hours of Continuing Education training before each renewal to stay current on industry standards and trends.

If you are already licensed in another state and want to work in Ohio, the board requires that you take the Ohio State Tests including the Practical Test, the Written Test and the Manager’s Exam, before they will issue you a license to work in Ohio.

Job and Employment Outlook for Cosmetologists in Ohio

Ohio is a huge state with many different types of cities and townships. You can choose to work in a thriving metropolis like Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland, or a more low key city like Akron or Canton. You can even choose to work in a more rural and peaceful town like Athens. However, you will find ethnic diversity throughout most of Ohio and you will also find that style and modern trends are important to the residents living in rural towns and busy urban areas alike. Financially, you can do well as a barber professional in Ohio, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will likely earn over $20,000 a year in addition to tips.

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Barber Schools in Ohio

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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Dayton Barber College – Dayton, OH
Ron West Barber College – Dayton, OH