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Cosmetology Schools in Cleveland

Getting Trained as a Beauty Professional in Cleveland, OH

If you live near Cleveland, Ohio and want to start a career in the beauty field, you’ve come to the right place. The first step is to browse through the types of beauty courses that are available in the area, as well as the schools that offer your particular wants and needs. The internet has become the easiest way to complete these two tasks. Some of the beauty fields you may be interested in pursuing include: hair stylist, cosmetologist, skincare tech, nail specialist and/or barber.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

If you’re ready to learn more about beauty schools in Cleveland, use our directory to request more information about programs in your area today!

Catering to peoples’ wants and needs is something that you should enjoy doing if you want to enter into this field. Patience is another virtue that will be required of you, especially since some courses require many hours in the classroom. According to the Ohio Board of Cosmetology, the following beauty classes require the specified amount of hours:

• Barber – 1,800 hours
• Hairstylist – 1,200 hours
• Cosmetology – 1,500 hours
• Esthetician – 750 hours
• Nail tech – 200 hours
• Managing hair stylist – 1,440 hours

These are just a fraction of the beauty courses you will find at Cleveland beauty schools like the Brown Aveda Institute and the Regency Beauty Institute in Cleveland. You can find more local beauty schools by browsing our free database.

Selecting a Beauty Course to Pursue

Now, it’s time to learn about the duties that are performed by the professionals in the field(s) of your choosing. This should help you decide which one would best suit your goals, skills and desires. Here’s a few of the tasks that each job entails:

Spa Manager: In this field, you will need to be organized, since you will be scheduling appointments, maintaining client databases, performing accounting duties, monitoring the operations of the spa and responding to clients’ inquiries and complaints. The latter would also indicate that you should be a ‘people person.’ Selling spa products and services, as well as recruiting new talent is also a part of this job description.

Skincare Specialist: In this position, you will be required to sterilize equipment, keep a neat work area, evaluate the skin of your clients, select proper cosmetic products to use, keep up with the latest industry trends, extract blackheads and help clients improve their skin texture using various cleansers and face masks.

Cosmetologist: Typically, you might be responsible for working on hair and nails in this field. In many instances, you may also apply makeup. On a typical workday, you may have to clean and sterilize equipment, cut and trim hair, schedule client appointments, bleach and dye hair, wash and condition hair, perform manicures and pedicures, update client records, operate cash registers and develop new styles and techniques.

Barber: As a barber, your duties will likely include cleaning and sterilizing your tools, cutting and trimming hair and/or facial hair, sweeping floors, cleaning your workstation, ordering supplies, interacting with customers in a friendly manner, among other things.

Becoming a Well-Networked & Paid Beautician

No matter what field in the beauty industry you choose, you should network, and network hard! Staying abreast of the latest networking channels and opportunities in beauty could help you to stay employed, so this is very important to understand. Finding new clients is a task you have to perform, oftentimes even when you work at a salon. In some cases, walk-ins are shared, but your bread and butter will likely be through your own networking habits. A couple of ways to make yourself known is to pass out fliers and business cards with your name, number, address and services. Going to beauty expos like Cleveland’s Women’s Expo and others that take place at the Cleveland Convention Center is also a great idea.

Getting paid as a beauty professional is likely what you’re looking forward to. So what’s the usual pay for those who are licensed in these fields? To give you an idea, O*Net states that cosmetologists in the Cleveland area earn anywhere between $18,300 and $38,200, while manicurists can earn between $16,800 and $31,400. The pay ranges for the beauty industry can obviously vary depending on many factors, of course.

Don’t wait to learn more about starting your beauty school education in Cleveland. Contact the schools in your area today!

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