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Las Vegas Cosmetology Schools

Join the vibrant world of beauty in Las Vegas!

As one of the largest and most tourist-driven cities in Nevada, Las Vegas also has one of the most active beauty communities in this region. From tourists’ needs to the needs of the city’s 596,000 residents, you can make people beautiful with a Las Vegas cosmetology education. Some of the largest beauty schools in Las Vegas include Marinello School of Beauty and Expertise Cosmetology Institute.

Since you live in such a big city, you can choose from a variety of schools. You may want to ask about what connections each school has in the beauty community. If your school has ties to many local salons, you can feel safe that it has a good reputation in your community. You may also want to carefully go through each school’s curriculum to compare what you’ll learn and how much time you may spend on different skills.

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There are several beauty schools in Las Vegas. They allow you to get a thorough education in cosmetology, esthetics and skin care, barbering, nail design, and other aspects of the beauty industry. As you prepare to start your education, you may also want to take part in local events and groups. For example, the Professional Beauty Association hosts Professional Beauty Association Beauty Week in Las Vegas every year.

Your education may challenge your technical skills, book knowledge, and customer service skills. By the time you graduate, you should be able to tackle just about any client’s needs. In the area of hair care, you can learn about hair styling, chemical treatments, and hair cutting techniques. When you learn about esthetics, you may cover facial treatments, different types of skin care, and technologically-advanced skin care treatments. Nail care and barbering both help you master a multitude of skills.

Explore career opportunities and salary outlook for graduates

You may be at a huge advantage when you start your cosmetology career in Las Vegas. O*Net expects the demand for cosmetology professionals to grow between 2010 and 2020. Nevada’s growth rate of 15% is 2% higher than the national average (O*Net, 2010). Across the state, this is expected to lead to 130 new jobs each year (O*Net, 2010).

The reported salary range for Nevada beauty professionals goes from $16,100 to $29,900 per year (O*Net, 2012). Their reports indicate that the average salary in the state is $19,400 per year (O*Net, 2012). Of course, it’s important to remember that you will likely earn tips and gratuities as part of your income.

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