Cosmetology Instructor Training in Nevada

There are unique benefits available to you if you choose to pursue cosmetology instructor training programs in Nevada. Cosmetology instructor training programs like the Paul Mitchell School offer in-house scholarship opportunities for students. You may qualify for a full tuition scholarship that enables you to learn how to teach theory and train other students in various areas of cosmetology. You can graduate without debt and go on to pursue your dream of serving as a cosmetology instructor.

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You will learn how to deliver effective lectures in topics like chemistry, hair coloration, hair styling, makeup application, skin care and other topics. The instructors in a cosmetology instructor program will ensure that you are well-prepared to meet the challenges of managing a classroom and working with students every day.

You can expect to also learn how to manage student clinics and how to provide instruction to students giving hair cuts to clients in practice salons. You can also learn how to help students fully develop their hair cutting skills and techniques in a positive manner. Cosmetology instructor training programs can help you develop into an inspirational and highly professional cosmetology instructor.

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Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Nevada

In Nevada, there are two types of instructor licenses that you may receive, a licensed student instructor or regular cosmetologist instructor. To become a student instructor, you will need to have a current cosmetology license and have at least 500 credit hours. To become a regular licensed cosmetologist, you will need to have at least 1,000 credit hours. A license must be renewed every two years on your birthday. Cosmetology instructors are the only ones who are required to earn continuing education credits. If choose to pursue this route, you must earn at least 30 hours of continuing education credits every two years.

Employment Opportunities in Nevada for Cosmetology Instructors

The average salary for vocational education teachers in Nevada is about $54,710 a year. Cosmetology instructors are in demand in Nevada as the profession continues to grow. You can find positions in private or public universities. Private beauty schools typically hire cosmetology instructors in their area of specialization. For example, you may be hired to only teach color theory or hair cutting courses at a beauty school. Other types of job opportunities that you can find are for administrative or leadership types of positions. You also may become promoted to the dean or president of a beauty school if you have proven yourself as an excellent instructor.

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Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in Nevada

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