Esthetics Schools in Virginia

Virginians interested in beauty, skincare, and employment in the spa industry may want to consider attending esthetics school. Estheticians are skincare specialists licensed to provide skin analysis and treatments for helping clients achieve their best skin. Esthetics schools in Virginia prepare students for licensure as a Beginner or a Master esthetician. Beginner estheticians learn about facial care, hair removal, and basic skincare treatments.

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Master estheticians build on the prior licensure classes, learning waxing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other advanced skincare techniques. The skincare specialist job ranks highly in potential growth among jobs in the personal services occupations. The increased focus on health, beauty, and maintaining a youthful appearance is driving job growth in the field of esthetics.

Overview of Virginia Esthetician License Requirements

The Beginner Aesthetician license in Virginia requires 600 hours of classroom education, followed by written and practical exams. Master Aestheticians must take an additional 600 hours of training and advanced exams. The Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology allows board exams in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean languages.

Graduates of Virginia esthetics schools have expert knowledge to identify and treat skin problems using specialized procedures and treatments. Skincare specialists evaluate clients’ skin and recommend the best regimens for lasting beauty and skin health. Virginia esthetics schools include training on business skills, customer service, and salon procedures in their classes. The schools stress sanitation and hygiene for the esthetics practice. The science behind skin care and skin health is emphasized so graduates of Virginia esthetics schools will be well prepared for the work environment.

Work as a Virginia Esthetician

Licensed Virginia estheticians earn an annual average salary of $31,330 before tips, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS estimates growth in the skincare professions will be 25 percent by 2020. Many estheticians in Virginia take continuing education courses to learn specialty services and advanced techniques. This allows them to increase their income potential and career growth. This rapidly growing profession provides opportunities for estheticians at spas, salons, resorts, and in medical clinics working with doctors and plastic surgeons. Training at a Virginia esthetics school can open the door to a career in the beauty and skincare industry.

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Esthetics Schools in Virginia