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Wisconsin Cosmetology Licensing



Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Wisconsin

Is there any industry that is as popular as the beauty industry? People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds want to look great, and most people trust cosmetologists to help them do it! If you want the freedom to work with hair, nails, and skin, a cosmetology license in Wisconsin is what you need to start your dream career.

The Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board sets licensing regulations in this state, so you must follow their guidelines at all times to avoid delays in getting your license. One of the most important parts of Wisconsin cosmetology license requirements is training. By picking an accredited school, you can feel safe that you will meet the training requirements of the Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board.

Your curriculum must cover the following topics, listed with their hour requirements in parentheses:

• Hygiene and grooming (10 hours)
• Bacteriology and sterilization (40 hours)
• Haircutting and hairstyling (580 hours)
• Hair straightening and relaxing (577 hours)
• Shaving and facial hair (95 hours)
• Manicuring (35 hours)
• Anatomy and physiology (50 hours)
• Product knowledge (30 hours)
• Laws and rules (18 hours)
• Individual student training, industry trends, and electives (115 hours)

Finishing your education with plenty of theoretical knowledge and practical training should make you feel confident about your cosmetology exams and your ability to work independently with clients.

No matter what your goals are with your cosmetology career, your training is where it all begins. Compare schools now and contact Wisconsin cosmetology programs for more information.

Wisconsin Cosmetology License Requirements

After your education is done, you should start preparing for your Wisconsin state cosmetology license exams. There are two parts to the exam: a written theory portion and a practical hands-on portion. You must pass both before you can get your license.

In addition, you must pay the following fees and keep the following standards in mind:

• $391 testing fee
• Fees paid by debit or credit card only
• $10 temporary license fee
• 1550 hours or 4000 hours of apprenticeship training
• Tests administered by Pearson VUE

The standards set by the Wisconsin State Board of Cosmetology protect the field of cosmetology from frauds and untrained beauty workers. In turn, you benefit from the strength of the industry and its reputation. It is important for all beauty professionals and salons to follow these licensing requirements.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Wisconsin

All states have their own licensing and renewal processes. It is important to stay on top of the renewal laws in Wisconsin, since renewing your license late can lead to expensive fees. You must renew your license in March of every odd-numbered year.

The renewal fee is $82 and you have to pay an additional $25 if you are late. Four hours of continuing education are required during every renewal cycle. One training hour can focus on any aspect of cosmetology. The remaining three hours must focus specifically on sanitation and safety.

By renewing your license on time every two years and devoting some time to continuing education, you can become a leader in the beauty community of Wisconsin.

Are you ready to get started in your beauty career? Learn more now by contacting cosmetology programs in Wisconsin.