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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in West Virginia

Becoming a cosmetologist is more than just doing hair and sending people on their way. Being a successful cosmetologist involves building relationships, keeping your customers comfortable, and giving them service that makes them loyal to you.

By giving people what they want, you can create a career that you are passionate about!

If a career in cosmetology is your professional goal, the West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists is your first step. They create licensing requirements, licensed beauty schools, administer exams, and oversee the entire cosmetology licensing process. The first qualification you have to meet for a West Virginia cosmetology license is your training.

When you attend an accredited beauty school, you must meet the following training hour requirements in each subject:

General professional information: business management, state law, sanitation, first aid, infection control (100 hours)
Science of cosmetology: anatomy and physiology, diseases and disorders, properties of hair and scalp (250 hours)
Professional cosmetology: principles of hair design, haircutting, hairstyling, wigs, shampooing (450 hours)
Chemicals: chemical texturing and hair coloring (200 hours)
Esthetics: Electricity, chemistry, nutrition (167 hours)
Skin sciences: Skin disorders, skin analysis, skin care products (130 hours)
General esthetics: Facials, massage, hair removal (203 hours)
Nail technology: Skin structure, nail growth, nail disorders, nail products (74 hours)
Nail procedures: Manicures and pedicures, paraffin, disinfecting (92 hours)
Advanced nail technology (134 hours)

Keep in mind that these topics include both theory training and hands-on training, so you may split your time between the salon floor and the classroom. These topics have been chosen because they cover everything you need to know to work with clients and they prepare you for the licensing exams you have to pass. The importance of a great beauty education can’t be ignored.

Learn more about beauty schools near you and contact West Virginia cosmetology programs for more information.

West Virginia Cosmetology License Requirements

The next step in getting a WV cosmetology license is passing the cosmetology licensing exams. In West Virginia, this includes a written exam and a hands-on skill exam. Upon completing your education, you can register to take the exam at a testing site near you.

The following fee schedule and expectations apply:

• $99 testing fee
• Fees may be paid online with credit card
• $35 licensing fee
• 1800 hours of training required
• Tests administered and graded by NIC

Maintaining strict requirements for a cosmetology license in West Virginia ensures that the reputation of the beauty industry stays strong, since untrained beauty practitioners cannot legally call themselves cosmetologists. This may help you get clients, explore job opportunities, and become part of the local beauty community.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in West Virginia

The final part of the requirements for a cosmetology license in WV covers renewal. Keeping your license renewed is required if you want to continue working independently as a cosmetologist. The renewal process in West Virginia requires you to send in an application every year in January. During each annual renewal cycle, you must complete at least four hours of continuing education. The renewal fee is $35. If you renew late, you must pay an additional $35 plus $10 per month that your application is late.

When you start a cosmetology career, you can dedicate your work to making people feel good about themselves.

Take the first step and request information from West Virginia cosmetology schools below.

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.