New Jersey Cosmetology Licensing

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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in New Jersey

Is there any state that’s more fashion-forward than New Jersey? Probably not—just walk down the street of any major New Jersey city and see how many people have perfectly styled and teased hair, and you’ll know how important beauty is to New Jersey residents! Becoming a cosmetologist gives you the chance to work in salons and spas all over the state, trying new styles and techniques.

From the very beginning of your cosmetology career, your education and work is regulated by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. This group sets the standards for what it takes to earn a New Jersey cosmetology license. A great cosmetology career begins with the right training.

The New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology requires you to complete training in the following subjects, with the required amount of hours listed in parentheses:

• State laws and regulations (10 hours)
• Decontamination and infection control (20 hours)
• Professional image and hygiene (2 hours)
• History of barbering (4 hours)
• Shaving (81 hours)
• Beard and mustache trimming (15 hours)
• Facials and massage (78 hours)
• Shampooing (60 hours)
• Hair and scalp treatments (50 hours)
• Hair cutting (160 hours)
• Hair styling (160 hours)
• Hair tinting and bleaching (145 hours)
• Permanent waving (115 hours)
• Chemical relaxing and pressing (90 hours)
• Thermal curling and waving (45 hours)
• Manicuring and pedicuring (135 hours)
• Chemistry related to cosmetology (30 hours)

As you look through the topics you have to study, you may notice that most of them relate to specific procedures and skills used on a salon floor. To properly prepare for your career, you must spend most of your training time getting practical experience.
Getting an NJ cosmetology license involves following specific steps and building up your practical skills.

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New Jersey Cosmetology License Requirements

On top of getting the right training for a New Jersey state cosmetology license, you must send in the proper paperwork and pay a variety of fees. The testing process in New Jersey involves a written test and a skills test, both of which cover just about everything you learn in cosmetology school.

Learn more about the specific licensing requirements of New Jersey:

• $39 testing fee
• Fees paid by check or money order made out to the State of New Jersey
• $50 application fee
• $60 licensing fee
• 1200 hours of training required; no apprenticeship option
• PSI permits testing in English and Spanish

Successfully navigating the licensing process is essential to actually working as a cosmetologist, since you cannot work independently on customers until you are licensed. Your license and proof of your education can also make it easier for employers to verify your credentials and the quality of your training.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in New Jersey

As is the case in any other state, you must renew your cosmetology license to continue your career. Keep an eye out for renewal notices in the mail, since failing to renew on time can cause you to incur extra fees or have to stop working independently until your application is processed.

New Jersey requires you to renew your license during every even-numbered year. The one-time renewal fee is $60. Currently, you do not have to complete any continuing education to renew your license.

If you are ready to get involved in the beauty industry, now is the time. Contact beauty schools near you to find out more about earning an NJ state cosmetology license.