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Michigan Cosmetology Licensing



Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Michigan

If you live in Michigan, you already know how large and diverse the beauty community is in this state. The beauty needs and culture of the Upper Peninsula are quite a bit different from the needs in the Lower Peninsula. If you love experimenting with hair, nails, and makeup, you might be interested in turning this passion into a career in cosmetology.

Throughout Michigan, cosmetology careers are regulated by the Cosmetology Department of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. This department creates the standards you must follow if you want to earn a Michigan cosmetology license, so you should definitely learn about the licensing and testing process.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs requires you to complete a certain training curriculum before you can take your cosmetology licensing tests. Keep reading to find out which topics you must cover and how many hours you must spend on each topic in school.

Required Topics and Hours

• Sanitation (130 hours)
• Facials (115 hours)
• Hairdressing, cutting, curling, waving, and braiding (525 hours)
• Scalp and hair treatments (25 hours)
• Hair coloring (210 hours)
• Chemical hair restructuring (220 hours)
• Applied chemistry (30 hours)
• Applied anatomy (45 hours)
• Manicuring/pedicuring (70 hours)
• Artificial nails (20 hours)

This curriculum leaves each cosmetology program with 110 hours to use as they see fit. You might spend these hours reviewing for the cosmetology test, learning more about the topics covered elsewhere in your curriculum, or learning specific styles and techniques that are popular in your area.

There’s no better time than right now to get started—contact Michigan beauty schools to learn more about earning an MI cosmetology license.

Michigan Cosmetology License Requirements

At every step of the licensure process, the state has to verify your credentials, process your paperwork, and move you on to the next step. For this reason, you must pay different licensing fees. The required fees are different for apprentices and those who choose conventional training.

Below are Michigan cosmetology licensing fees and standards:

• $25 apprentice fee
• $161 combined testing fee, or $91 per written or practical exam
• May pay fees with credit card, money order, business check, or cashier’s check
• 1500 training hours or 24 months of apprenticeship must be completed prior to testing
• Tests administered by PSI

When you meet the requirements for a cosmetology license in Michigan, you should feel good about contributing to the beauty industry and making it stronger. Licensing keeps people from calling themselves cosmetologists and potentially hurting clients. People who would call themselves cosmetologists without the proper training would negatively affect the reputation of the industry and every person who works in it. With your license, you can make customers feel confident about your knowledge and skills.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Michigan

If you want to keep working in the cosmetology industry of Michigan, you’ll need to make sure that you always keep your license renewed and up-to-date. This is a pretty simple process—you just have to send in the renewal application and pay the fee. To keep your license in good standing, renew it every two years by the last day of August.

The current renewal fee is $48 and you must pay a $20 late fee if you renew your license after the last day of August. Michigan does not require any continuing education hours.

Earning your Michigan state cosmetology license is the first step to an exciting new career. Get started now by contacting beauty schools in Michigan.