Indiana Cosmetology Licensing

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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Indiana

Millions of people in Indiana rely on cosmetologists to keep them looking their best. If you’re looking for a career that suits your social nature, your interest in beauty trends, and your ability to work quickly, the field of cosmetology is waiting for you.

Through the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, you can start the process of earning an Indiana cosmetology license. You need a cosmetology license if you want to work with hair, skin, or nails in a spa or salon setting. At an approved beauty school in Indiana, you can explore all of these topics.

Indiana beauty schools are required to teach these topics, listed here with the state-required amount of training hours:

• Haircutting (275 hours)
• Sanitation (40 hours)
• Statutes and rules (10 hours)
• Salesmanship (10 hours)
• Management (10 hours)
• Manicuring (30 hours)
• Pedicuring (20 hours)
• Hair removal (15 hours)
• Anatomy and physiology (5 hours)
• Skin theory (5 hours)
• Hair theory (5 hours)
• Electricity theory (5 hours)
• Chemistry (10 hours)
• Shampooing (35 hours)
• Scalp care (20 hours)
• Facials and makeup (65 hours)
• Hair coloring (190 hours)
• Texture services (320 hours)
• Hair styling (280 hours)

The state of Indiana allows room for 150 discretionary hours. The way these hours are used is decided by each beauty school. You may learn about business skills, salon management, customer service, or specialty techniques that are popular in your area.

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Indiana Cosmetology License Requirements

The Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners requires anyone who wants an IN cosmetology license to go through the same process. After you complete your training, you must demonstrate your knowledge and abilities by passing a written test and a skills test. You receive your license once your application is approved and you pass all required tests.

Below are details for earning an Indiana state cosmetology license:

• $53 testing fee
• money order or check
• $40 application fee
• 1500 training hours required—no apprenticeship option
• Tests administered by Pearson VUE; available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and simplified Chinese

You may be wondering why Indiana has such strict licensing regulations, but there’s a good reason for the licensing process in this state. As a working cosmetologist, you’ll have access to chemicals and tools that could cause serious damage in the wrong hands.

Licensure ensures that all people who use these tools in a professional setting are trained to the highest standards. As a result, you can immediately prove that your skills are up to par by providing proof of licensure.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Indiana

Of course, keeping your license valid is a necessary part of working in the cosmetology industry! In this state, the renewal requirements for an Indiana state cosmetology license are fairly relaxed.

You must renew your license by August 1 every four years. The renewal fee is just $40, but you must pay an additional $50 late fee if you renew after August 1. Industry experts recommend keeping your skills fresh with continuing education, but Indiana does not require any continuing education for license renewal. Lots of salons and beauty employers host continuing education events for employees, so try to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can.

Once you know how to get a cosmetology license in Indiana, it’s time to start your training. Contact cosmetology schools in Indiana to learn about options near you.