Indiana Cosmetology Schools and Programs

Aspiring cosmetologists have several options for pursuing their education in Indiana, as this state features trendy and hip cities like Indianapolis for the practice of cosmetology.

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With the wide range of beauty school programs offered in Indiana, cosmetologists can also ensure that they are learning the most cutting-edge techniques in the field of cosmetology.

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Cosmetology Schools and Curriculum in Indiana

The wide range of quality cosmetology programs will ensure that you obtain the necessary skills and are able to master beauty techniques for your future career. You can set up a meeting with a professional from a beauty school if you have additional questions about the course offerings or services available at these beauty schools. You may wish to research whether a cosmetology school offers extracurricular activities for students or other ways to get involved in the local community. Perhaps you want to become part of an alumni networking organization so that you can increase the likelihood of becoming employed upon graduation. These are important factors to consider before you enroll at a cosmetology school.

The typical curriculum at Indiana cosmetology schools includes:

– Nail care
– Hair care
– Hair styling
– Hair color
– Hair weaving
– Hair waxing
– Facial treatments
– Spa treatments
– Makeup application
– Laboratory work
– Beauty salon management
– Professional etiquette

Licensing Requirements in Indiana

The Indiana State Board of Cosmetology requires that students attend a licensed cosmetology school in Indiana. In addition, students will need to pass the written exams that are offered by the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology upon their successful completion of a cosmetology program. Students also need to ensure that they have obtained the minimum hour requirements for the type of beauty license that they wish to acquire.

For a cosmetologist license, students are required to complete a total of 1,500 hours of training and instruction. For a barber license, students are also required to obtain 1,500 hours of instruction and training. An esthetician license requires that students obtain 700 hours of instruction and training. A nail tech license requires a commitment of 450 hours. A cosmetologist is required to renew his or her license every four years.

Employment Outlook for Cosmetologists in Indiana

The average salary of cosmetologists in Indiana is $25,570 every year according the the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Manicurists and pedicurists can expect to earn an average salary of $19,460 every year. However, your pay can depend on where and how often you work. The great thing about a cosmetology education is that it can prepare you for several lines of work in the beauty industry. The best thing to do is discuss career outcomes with the schools that you speak with. Ask them where their graduates are typically hired, and how to best prepare for success. You should also write down your goals so you can tell each school’s advisers where you see yourself once you graduate.

Find out how you can help you accomplish your goals in the beauty industry by contacting the schools below to learn more!

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Cosmetology Schools in Indiana


The Salon Professional Academy Anderson, IN
Roger’s Academy of Hair Evansville, IN
Roger’s Hair Academy (East) Evansville, IN
Michiana Beauty College Granger, IN
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Highland, IN
Empire Beauty School Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, formerly Honors Beauty College Indianapolis NE, IN
Empire Beauty School Indianapolis Speedway Indianapolis Speedway, IN
The Salon Professional Academy Kokomo, IN
Lafayette Beauty Academy Lafayette, IN
Success Barber School Merrillville, IN