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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Idaho

Do you love watching YouTube beauty tutorials, changing your hairstyle whenever you can, and trying new hairdressing techniques on your friends? If you are passionate about beauty and styling trends, you could be getting paid for your hobby if you earn an Idaho cosmetology license.

The Idaho Board of Cosmetology has set minimum training requirements for those who want to work in cosmetology. Since this license covers hair, nails, and skin, your program must cover procedures in all of these areas.

Topics that are covered in the licensure exam and that must be taught by your Idaho cosmetology program include:

• Scalp treatments
• Permanent waves
• Haircutting and hair shaping, including use of scissors and razors
• Bleaching and Tinting
• Semi-permanent/temporary hair coloring
• Frosting and highlights
• Facials, including plain, makeup, and arches
• Manicures, including plain and oil
• Pedicures
• Artificial nails

Although the required skills list is pretty comprehensive, it does leave each school with some time to cover other skills and procedures. Your cosmetology instructors may teach you the basics of customer service in a salon setting, how to manage your time, client communication skills, ethics in cosmetology, and salon management.

Ready to find out if a cosmetology career is a good fit for you? Request information from Idaho beauty schools or keep reading to learn more about beauty license requirements in Idaho.

Idaho Cosmetology License Requirements

Getting the right education is one of the biggest parts of getting your cosmetology license. However, there are other expectations you must meet before you can begin working independently at a salon. Once you’ve met the training hour requirements listed below, you can go through the application and examination process.

Learn more about the details of how to get a cosmetology license in Idaho below:

• $10 apprentice fee if you go the apprenticeship route
• Payments accepted via checks made payable to IBOL
• NIC theory and practical exam required for licensure
• $10 initial license fee
• 2000 training hours or 4000 apprenticeship hours

Even if it seems like the licensure process requires lots of paperwork and time, it is extremely beneficial to your career. Cosmetology is now regulated across the country, but that wasn’t always the case. When cosmetology did not have strict licensing standards and training requirements, anyone could call themselves a cosmetologist and work with clients. If they did low-quality work or damaged a client due to improper use of chemicals or tools, the overall reputation of the cosmetology industry was weakened.

This made it harder for legitimate cosmetologists to get business. Now that this field is regulated, it is much easier for clients to trust cosmetology professionals. Having a license also allows you to obtain professional liability insurance and get access to exclusive training events.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Idaho

After you get your first ID state cosmetology license, you must follow the state’s renewal schedule to keep working. Failing to renew on time may lead to a lapse in your license, which means taking time off from work and potentially losing out on income.

Idaho requires you to renew your license every year by your birthday. With your application, you must submit a check for $50. Although continuing education hours are recommended for all beauty professionals, you are not legally required to complete any continuing education hours to renew your license.

With a cosmetology license, you can use your skills and knowledge to make people feel fabulous. Get started today by contacting cosmetology programs in Idaho.