Arizona Cosmetology Licensing

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Education Requirements for Cosmetologists in Arizona

Are you ready to dedicate your career to making people feel good, studying and practicing the latest techniques and styles, and becoming a beauty icon in your community? If this sounds like the perfect career for you, earning an Arizona cosmetology license is the first step for you.

To advertise your services as a cosmetologist and work with customers independently, you must earn your Arizona state cosmetology license from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. This involves completing at least 1,600 hours of training at an approved school.

The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology requires that your education include the following topics:

• Theory of cosmetology
• Infection control and safety
• Anatomy, physiology, and histology
• Diseases and disorders of the scalp and hair
• Arizona cosmetology laws and rules
• Professional ethics
• Pharmacology and chemistry interaction and hazards
• Cosmetology machines, tools, instruments, and uses
• Chemical texturizing
• Changing hair color with coloring and bleaching
• Hair and scalp care
• Braiding and extensions
• Hairstyling
• Haircutting
• Face and body skin care
• Clinical and laboratory practice
• Nail care
• Alternative technology
• Client consultation
• Body and facial hair removal
• Industry standards

With the right training and hands-on experience, you can become a trusted beauty expert in your community. Take the first step today and reach out to beauty schools in Arizona.

Arizona Cosmetology License Requirements

Spending at least 1,600 hours in an Arizona beauty school is only the first step to becoming a licensed cosmetologist. In order to earn your AZ cosmetology license, you must also go through two examinations and supply proof of your training and experience hours.

Requirements and fees are listed here:

• $100 written testing fee and $77 practical testing fee
• Pay via check only
• $70 initial licensing fee
• No internship or apprenticeship hours accepted in Arizona
• You may preregister for the written and practical exams once you have completed 1,400 of your required 1,600 hours

In the long run, licensing requirements and standards are beneficial to your career. In unlicensed professions, it can be difficult for employers and customers alike to figure out who they can trust and who will take good care of their beauty needs. Since customers and salon owners know how to get a cosmetology license in Arizona and how much work it takes, it is easier for you to demonstrate your knowledge.

Requirements for Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Arizona

Getting your initial cosmetology license is the most time-consuming part of this process, so you can relax a little bit once you have your cosmetology license in hand. You should still remember that keeping your license renewed and active is part of working in this field. In Arizona, licenses must be renewed every two years by your birthday. The renewal fee is $60. If you renew your license after your birthday, you must pay a total renewal fee of $90.

Like many states, Arizona does not require cosmetologists to earn any continuing education credits in order to qualify for license renewal. Continuing education may be worth your time, though, if you want to work in a high-end salon or continue building your skills throughout your career.

If you are passionate about beauty and you love working with people, working in cosmetology could give you a career that you look forward to every day. Use our list of schools below to contact cosmetology schools in Arizona.