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Makeup Artist Schools in Wisconsin

As one of the friendliest Midwestern states, Wisconsin offers amazing towns like Madison that make practicing makeup artistry thoroughly enjoyable. Towns like Madison have an eclectic vibe, despite the fact that corn fields and farms may be found just a few miles away. This all adds to the appeal of being a makeup artist in the state.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

There are so many opportunities for makeup artistry professionals to take their careers in unique directions in the state. You may decide to pursue a traditional route and simply build a list of clientele for appointments in the future. On the other hand, you may start a cosmetics company that distributes products to college students in the winter months in Wisconsin, when no one wants to leave the comfort of their warm homes and apartments.

Take a chance and see what opportunities are available to you at the following makeup artistry programs in Wisconsin:

– The Institute of Beauty and Wellness
– Empire Beauty School
– The Salon Professional Academy
– Aveda Institute
– Regency Beauty Institute
– VICI Beauty School
– State College of Beauty Culture

Overview of Make-up Artist Schools and Curriculum in Wisconsin

These schools will offer you opportunities to work with clients and understand how to serve client needs during your educational program. You will love being able to gain knowledge from your instructors about airbrush techniques, body art designs, application of mascara and lipstick and other makeup techniques. As you are immersed in a culture of professionals who value makeup artistry, your talents will be nurtured and will grow in this environment. During makeup artistry school, you have the chance to focus on perfecting certain techniques. Maybe you want to become better at applying blush, foundation and lip liner. You can decide to focus your energies in improving these skills during makeup school, and your instructors will support you.

Make-up Artist Licensing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a state requirement that students obtain licenses for the practice of makeup artistry. Students must take and complete two exams after graduation from a makeup artistry program. A minimum of 105 days must be spent in an approved makeup artistry school in the state. Students must be at least 18 years old, and they must have completed high school. The license fee is $202 in Wisconsin. If you have the drive to complete a makeup artistry program, then you should be able to also complete the requirements for receiving a license in Wisconsin. You can direct any questions that you have about the license requirement to the Wisconsin State Board of Cosmetology.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-up Artists in Wisconsin

Makeup artists have some of the greatest opportunities to become entrepreneurs. A makeup artist may find it easy to gain clients through creation of an online portfolio and website. Many makeup artists are growing their personal businesses through the use of websites and social media networks. You can also work for a salon or spa if you wish to build your client base in that way.

The BLS states that makeup artists earn about $30,000 a year in Wisconsin. While there will be a slight increase in this salary in the future, the job opportunities are expected to grow at a faster rate. About 600 makeup artists currently work in the state.