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Cosmetology Instructor Training in Washington

In Washington, you can find cosmetology instructor training programs that are designed to help you gain the skills needed to effectively teach students about all aspects of cosmetology. From salon management to hair styling, you will prepare your students for achieving their own dreams. A simulated work environment gives you the experience needed to refine your communication skills, improve your presentation abilities and help you provide quality instruction to students. You can learn how to instruct students in theoretical and practical aspects of cosmetology. Your work experience may include performing lectures in front of your own instructors or working with cosmetology students in a salon clinic as a junior instructor.

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The cosmetology instructor training programs in Washington take about six months to complete. If you choose to pursue an evening or part-time program, then a program may take nine months to one year to complete. The training that you receive will help you foster a great classroom environment. Your students will feel encouraged to ask questions, and you will be able to improve the learning curve with the skills that you gain from a cosmetology instructor program.

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Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Washington

In Washington, there are broad requirements in place for those who wish to become cosmetology instructors. You do need to have a license to practice as an instructor in the state. One requirement is that you graduate from a cosmetology instructor training school that has been approved by the Department of Licensing. You must also have at least 500 credit hours from an approved program. It is also necessary for you to have a current cosmetology, barber, esthetics or manicure license in Washington. You will also need to pass the written and practical performance exams.

Cosmetology Instructor Employment Opportunities in Washington

Vocational education teachers currently earn a median salary of $56,430 a year in Washington. The average salary of a new cosmetology instructor in the state is about $34,000 to $41,000 a year. Cosmetology instructors can find open positions at private beauty schools, public universities, community colleges and private colleges. Community colleges frequently offer their own cosmetology programs, so it may be wise to seek opportunities in these entities. You may also find an open position as an instructor within a salon or spa. Some salons may host seminars as a way to promote the salon within the community, and you can gain great experience in providing seminars within this environment.

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Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in Washington

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