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Cosmetology Instructor Training in Virginia

A cosmetology instructor training program helps you feel equipped to further the learning curve of your students. In a Virginia program, you learn the skills that are required for lesson planning, teaching lectures and fostering a supportive classroom environment. The courses that you will take include lesson planning, teaching techniques, teaching aids, record keeping, school administration, teaching lectures and course development. These courses help you to refine your creativity to become an excellent cosmetology instructor who is able to inspire and motivate students.

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Cosmetology instructors will also learn how they can teach students practical skills such as hair coloring, skin care, nail care and salon management. You will be able to work in small classes with instructors to learn what it takes to be a great cosmetology instructor. Instructors will help you understand the latest instructional methods that can be used to improve the learning of your students. You can feel confident to step into a classroom and instruct students upon your graduation from a Virginia cosmetology instructor training program.

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Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Virginia

Virginia laws require that you have a license in order to become cosmetology instructors in the state. The fee for a cosmetology instructor license is $85.00 in Virginia. On the application for a cosmetology instructor license, students must show that they have completed an instructor training course that has been approved by the Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology. An alternative option for students is that they may also send an original cosmetology instructor certificate that they have earned from another state. The Virginia Board of Cosmetology does not state whether the requirements for a certificate earned from another state must be substantially similar to the requirements in Virginia.

Employment Opportunities in Virginia

The BLS states that vocational education teachers can earn a median salary of $51,800 a year. This salary is also an accurate estimate for what a full-time cosmetology instructor may earn in Virginia. Cosmetology instructors can find positions at private and public beauty programs. Most beauty schools are private entities in Virginia, and they frequently offer high salaries for full-time instructors. Beauty school teachers can also opt to only teach one or two courses in a semester if they have a specialty. Some teachers choose to only teach makeup application or the field of cosmetology with which they are most familiar.

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Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in Virginia

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