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Hair Braiding Programs in Vermont

Hair braiding clients in Vermont choose their stylists for a number of reasons—they may choose a braider with specialized skills, an extensive knowledge of styles, and great customer service. By learning about hair braiding in Vermont, you can deliver what your customers want and start making a name for yourself.

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Find out more about this field and check out our list of hair braiding programs in Vermont.

Overview of Hair Braiding Schools and Curriculum in Vermont

While looking at different hair braiding schools near you, you may find that they teach fairly similar skills. Most schools focus heavily on practical skills, since being a quick and precise braider can make you a huge asset to your clients. Skills that may be covered by your instructors include weaving, cornrowing, twisting, and locking.

While you learn about different braiding styles, you may jump into the step-by-step process of each style, watch your instructor create different styles, and then work on creating them yourself. This helps you build up your dexterity and learn how to work with different types of hair.

Hair Braider Licensing in Vermont

Since hair braiding is still a growing field in much of the United States, many states do not have separate licensing programs for braiders. Keep in mind that standards are changing all the time, so you may want to keep up on licensing requirements in Vermont throughout your education. Currently, the Vermont Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists mandates that all hair braiders complete a 1,500-hour cosmetology program and pass the cosmetology exam before earning a license.

Job and Employment Outlook for Hair Braiders in Vermont

Vermont could be an excellent place to get established in your chosen cosmetology career. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Vermont cosmetology professional is $24,400 per year. Through the year 2022, job openings for cosmetologists are expected to swell by 12% (O*Net, 2012).

Are you ready to learn about all the different styles that are used in the world of braiding? Take the first step now by contacting hair braiding schools in Vermont.

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