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Permanent Makeup Training in Utah

In Utah, there are several high-quality permanent makeup programs available for interested students. You have the option to choose a permanent makeup program that focuses on teaching students how to use particular tools, such as the Rotary pen. Or you can enroll in a program that will enable you to become certified SofTap professionals upon graduation. In Utah, permanent makeup artistry programs will also offer you expert-level instructors to help you learn techniques in small classroom sizes, giving you the opportunity to work directly with instructors to refine your skills and ensure that you are performing pigmentation techniques in the correct manner.

As a permanent makeup artist student in Utah, you can also choose between basic permanent makeup training programs and advanced courses.  In the basic program, you will learn about client consultations, color theory and pigment selection and sanitation and sterilization guidelines.   This program lasts for only three or four days at most and you will earn a certificate upon completion of the course.

If you decide to pursue advanced training, you can choose between a variety of programs that will focus on permanent cosmetic procedures including, tattoo removal, permanent eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrow tattooing, areola pigmentation and scar camouflage.  These classes can cost between $500 and $1,600 depending on where you decide to receive your training.

Permanent Makeup Licensing in Utah

In Utah, there is no licensing requirement for you as a permanent makeup artists. However, the legislature is currently working on enforcement of license requirements for students in Utah. It is in the best interest of students to obtain a permanent makeup artistry license as soon as possible before the requirements are enacted under the law. Students will likely have to earn more hours than the current permanent makeup artistry schools require after the requirements are enacted under the law. For updated information on any licensing requirements for permanent makeup artists, students should contact the local health department in their city.

The only regulation that currently exists in regards to permanent makeup artistry is a prohibition against the tattooing of a minor without permission from his or her parents. You must be certain that a minor obtains the consent of his or her parents before performing a tattoo service.

Career Outlook for Permanent Makeup Artists in Utah

For Utah,  BLS research statistics indicate that as a general cosmetologists you can make an average salary of about $28,720 a year. These general cosmetologists will enjoy a salary increase of at least five percent in the future, and this also reflects favorably on the increased earning potential of permanent makeup artists. Permanent makeup artists is becoming a more in demand employment opportunity as it is becoming more popular.

Although you have the option to start your own practice in the state, it may be wise to start off your career working for an established salon, spa or other type of entity. This can help you gain experience while being insured within a professional atmosphere. After you have practiced for a few years as a permanent makeup artist for an established salon, you may find that it is easier to break off and build an independent practice.