Makeup Artists Schools in Utah

If you’re ready to experience all four seasons and potentially purchase your own home, then moving to Utah to pursue your makeup artistry certification may be just for you.

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The state has a prosperous economy, and the result has been that makeup artists can thrive in building up their own practices. Whether you decide to work for a company or go out on your own, being a makeup artist is still a thrilling experience in Utah.

There are plenty of makeup artistry schools in the state and that can offer you a solid education for your future pursuit of makeup artistry.

Take some time to review the courses and internship opportunities offered at the following makeup artistry schools in Utah:

– Avalon School of Cosmetology
– Marinello School of Beauty
– Mandalyn Academy
– Sherman Kendall’s Academy
– American Beauty Academy
– Aveda Institute
– Francois D. College of Hair, Skin and Nails
– The Paul Mitchell School

Overview of Make-up Artist Schools and Curriculum in Utah

Pursuing your makeup artistry education will be one of the most important parts of your journey in becoming a professional makeup artist. You will make lifetime friends with fellow students and be able to form professional relationships with all of your instructors. You may be able to participate in externship opportunities that allow you to experience the real world of makeup artistry while you are still in school. Some of the required courses that you will complete in a curriculum include bridal makeup application, photo shoot makeup application, fundamental application of makeup, professionalism, film and television makeup application, fashion industry makeup application and other courses. These courses will set you on the right track for becoming a highly successful makeup artist in the beauty industry.

Make-up Artist Licensing in Utah

In Utah, makeup artists are not required to have a specific makeup artistry license. It is the current practice in the beauty industry for makeup artists to have licenses if they intend on working in a salon and are not selling cosmetics. If a makeup artist is in the sole business of selling cosmetics and working full-time in a salon, then he or she does not need to have a license. Freelance makeup artists also typically do not need to have licenses in states that do not have a license requirement. If you have any questions about whether you should receive a license, then you should get in touch with the Utah Board of Cosmetology for further guidance.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-up Artists in Utah

Makeup artists can create their paths in a variety of sectors including amusement and entertainment parks. Makeup artists may provide behind-the-scenes makeup services for journalists and other individuals who are on air in the television industry. They may also provide support to photographers during photo shoots for fashion magazines, advertising agencies and retail companies.

According to the BLS, the average salary of makeup artists in Utah is about $31,590 a year. There will be a slight increase in this salary by about five percent in the future. About 370 makeup artists are currently employed in the state, and the BLS also expects that many job opportunities will be created in the future for makeup artists.

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Makeup Schools in Utah

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