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Hair Braiding Programs in Utah

If you have fast hands and an eye for detail, you might be ready to start a career in hair braiding. Learn more about braiding  here at BeautySchools.com, your premiere source for beauty career information.

Hair Braider Training in Utah

There are many different hair braiding schools in Utah. Since there are no minimum training requirements, there are some courses that can be completed in a weekend and some that require a month or more of full-time study. You may find privately-owned braiding schools that involve learning directly from one instructor or braiding programs that are part of full-fledged cosmetology schools.

Throughout the course of your braiding education, you can learn about a variety of braiding styles and techniques. You may learn about the five main types of braiding: weaving, cornrowing, braiding, twisting, and locking. Some schools require you to learn all of these hair braiding styles, while others allow you to choose one you want to learn. While you do spend quite a bit of time perfecting your technique on mannequin heads and real clients, there’s more to a hair braiding course than hands-on practice. You also learn about different hair textures, how to take care of braided hair, braiding upkeep techniques, and how to consult with clients to find their ideal style.

You may be presented with a certificate upon the completion of your program. Since the state of Utah does not have any certificate or diploma requirements, any certificate you get is primarily for your own usage.

Licensing and Certification Requirements in Utah for Hair Braiding

Utah is one of few states that specifically excludes hair braiders from cosmetology licensing requirements. This is a recent development that is largely considered a victory for Utah hair braiders. According to the Institute for Justice, prior interpretation of the state’s cosmetology law required hair braiders to complete a 2,000 hour cosmetology course that typically had little or no instruction on hair braiding.

In August of 2012, a federal judge declared that Utah’s hair braiding law was unconstitutional. Since that time, hair braiders have been able to practice without any license or certification from the state’s Board of Cosmetology. Since there are no licensing requirements, you can begin your braiding career whenever you have the necessary skills. While no license is required, you may find it easier to find a braiding job with a certificate from a beauty school.

Career Outlook and Employment Opportunities for Hair Braiders in Utah

The lack of licensing requirements in Utah saves you time in your job search, since you do not have to spend time taking exams and waiting for a hair braiding license. With a strong understanding of hair braiding techniques, you can work in a variety of settings. Utah has seen a large increase in hair braiding popularity, so there are lots of full-service salons and braiding shops where you can look for a job. As a new braider, you may rent a chair or become employed by a full-service salon or a specialty hair braiding salon. This path has several advantages. You benefit from the salon’s reputation, get the opportunity to take walk-in clients, and get the chance to learn from more experienced hair braiders.

If you are ready for the responsibility of business ownership, you can open your own hair braiding salon. This offers you more freedom in what hours you work. In addition to time spent with clients, you’ll need to set aside time for bill payment, marketing, client contact, and other business tasks.

Although there is no outlook or salary information for hair braiders, the outlook is generally expected to be positive. As Utah’s makeup becomes more and more diverse, the need for hair braiding services is expected to increase. As demand for your skills increases, you may be able to command a higher salary. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a hair styling professional is $28,720 per year.