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Esthetics Schools in Texas

Texans interested in learning the fundamentals of skin care may want to consider attending school to become a professional esthetician. Esthetics schools in Texas teach students a variety of techniques, including facial treatments, makeup application, hair removal, and waxing. After becoming a licensed skincare specialist, a Texan may practice in many locations and different industries. They are experts in the analysis and care of skin, helping clients maintain their youthful appearance and sense of well-being. Consider attending an esthetics school in Texas if this dynamic profession sounds appealing.

Texas Esthetician License Requirements

Take steps to become a licensed skincare specialist in Texas by completing 750 hours of classroom instruction at an approved esthetics school. Classes include safety and sanitation procedures, salon practices, and business skills. Esthetics-specific courses such as facials, body wraps, hair removal, and makeup application are the core of the school experience. Texas esthetics schools require hands-on practice as part of the educational process.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations requires graduates pass written and practical exams available in English or Spanish. When all requirements are met, the Department issues the initial esthetician license. This allows the new graduate to begin practice as a skin care specialist. (https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/App_Online/default.asp?LicenseType=COS).

Texas Esthetician Career Outlook

The great state of Texas offers many opportunities for licensed skin care specialists. Spas and salons attract many new graduates. Others find work in department store cosmetics and skin care departments and in other retail settings. Many other estheticians in Texas work in the tourism industry. Hotels, resorts, cruise ship lines, and tourist destinations offer opportunities to pamper clients in on-site spas. Estheticians might choose to open their own spa, or to work as stylists in the film and TV industries.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates jobs for estheticians will increase 25 percent by the year 2020. Texas skin care specialists earn an annual average salary of $32,650 before tips. This is the second-highest statewide average salary in the nation. Nearly 2700 licensed estheticians practice in Texas. The Ft. Worth-Arlington area is the eighth-highest paying metropolitan area in the United States, with an annual average salary of $42,890 before tips. More experienced and specialized estheticians often earn higher salaries than entry-level workers. (http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes395094.htm).