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Permanent Makeup in South Dakota

In the state of South Dakota, the beauty industry is growing rapidly. South Dakota is home to large cities like Sioux Falls, where many people travel for spa and salon services. However, the cosmetology industry is quickly spreading throughout the state’s rural and suburban areas. If you want to get established in the beauty field in South Dakota, consider starting a career in a growing field like permanent makeup.

As a permanent makeup artist, you should be able to offer tattooing services to those who want to save money on their daily makeup routine. In addition, you may use your skills to repair skin damage done by age, burns, injury, or disease. As you develop your career, you can even specialize in one type of permanent makeup and become well-known for these procedures.

The first step is learning more about permanent makeup programs in South Dakota by requesting information from the schools below.

Permanent Makeup Programs in South Dakota

As you evaluate different training programs in your area, you may find that they vary quite a bit in length. Some programs only last a few weeks, while others last several months. You may wish to request the curricula of different schools and find out what you can expect to learn as a permanent makeup student.

Before you can begin attempting different permanent makeup procedures, you must have a comprehensive understanding of how each procedure works and what it does. You may learn about different ways to tattoo the eyes, cheeks, and lips to achieve various looks and styles. While exploring these techniques, you may watch your instructor perform them and get the chance to ask questions.

Once you know about how permanent makeup can be safely performed and you know how to safely clean and store equipment, you can start getting some practical experience. With the guidance of an instructor, you can practice these techniques and build your skill base. While working toward your degree, you can also learn how to properly communicate with patients.

Working as a Permanent Makeup Artist in South Dakota

This field is changing in many parts of the United States and rapidly gaining popularity, so this may be an excellent time to start your career in skin care. Per O*Net, job openings for skin care specialists may increase by 40% through the year 2022.

Salaries in this field are in line with other cosmetology salary ranges. O*Net indicates that South Dakota skin care specialists earn an average salary of $28,900 per year. Your earning potential may increase as you build a reputation in your community. You may also wish to look into local networking opportunities, such as those presented by trade shows and expos. Networking can take your career to the next level.

Are you ready to explore how a career in skin care can change your life? Check out our list of schools below and reach out to permanent makeup schools in South Dakota.