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Permanent Makeup Training in Rhode Island

Whether you want to complete a permanent makeup training program in just a few days, weeks or months, there is a suitable program available to meet your needs in Rhode Island. Permanent makeup artistry programs in Rhode Island can help you, as a cosmetologist, expand your current skill set or can serve as a stepping stone for a career change.  You will be exposed to courses in application of permanent makeup, advanced permanent makeup procedures, tattoo removal services, eyelash extension services, airbrush makeup and also other specializations in makeup artistry. You may choose to specialize in permanent makeup artistry services that are aimed at providing services for the media, brides or models needing headshots.

The Look Image Academy is one of the most popular permanent makeup artistry schools offering courses in Rhode Island. The school offers advanced classes that can help you learn hair advanced stroke techniques for eyebrows and eyelashes.

Permanent Makeup Licensing in Rhode Island

Rhode Island does maintain regulations for the permanent makeup artistry profession under the Rhode Island Department of Health that requires you, as a permanent makeup artist,  be registered in the state. You must also register a tattoo parlor or shop in order to practice in Rhode Island. The registration process only requires that you be at least 18 years old, possess good moral character and also demonstrate knowledge of tattoo techniques.

The regulations prohibit permanent makeup artists from performing tattoo services on minors under 18 years of age. Minors may not even receive tattoos with permission from their parents under the law. In Rhode Island, permanent makeup artists who violate this statute will be guilty of a misdemeanor and may have to pay a fee of not more than $300. When you register for a tattoo license, you must submit a certified copy of a birth certificate, registration fee of $90, an identification photograph and completed an Inspection Request form.

Career Outlook for Permanent Makeup Artists in Rhode Island

The BLS reports that cosmetologists earn an average annual salary of $27,510 a year. The BLS also indicates that this salary is expected to increase by at least 10 percent in the upcoming years. Those who are interested in pursuing permanent makeup careers will also find that there are numerous job opportunities and a high demand in Rhode Island. With the many people visiting Rhode Island every day, permanent makeup artists can also develop a steady stream of clients in the state.

There are plenty of permanent makeup jobs that can be found at salons located throughout Rhode Island. Those who receive their certification in permanent makeup techniques may eventually even go on to teach courses someday. Some permanent makeup artists also decide to open their own independent salons in Rhode Island, and this can give them a chance to perform the latest procedures on clients. Having an independent practice gives a permanent makeup artist more time to consult with clients about application of permanent eyeliner, eye shadow, beauty marks or other types of marks.