Esthetics Schools in Oregon

Training at an esthetics school in Oregon may appeal to people interested in the beauty industry, skincare, and health. Estheticians provide facials, hair removal, makeup application, and recommendations on how to maintain healthy skin. Skincare professionals also advise clients on ways to manage the signs of aging. Consider learning more about esthetics schools in Oregon if the skincare industry seems appealing.

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Oregon Esthetician Licensing

The Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) requires 250 classroom hours on basic esthetics procedures such as facials, waxing, and makeup application. The State Board of Cosmetology mandates an additional 150 hours of education in Safety and Infection Control, and 100 hours covering Career Development. Oregon does not allow apprenticeships to replace classroom training for esthetician students. After the classroom education is completed, students take the Oregon written and practical exams. Oregon only offers the board examinations in English.

Oregon esthetics school curriculum includes:

– basic skills for facial massage
– skin analysis
– treatments
– the identification of skin disorders

Students learn when to refer clients to medical professionals for treatment of skin diseases. Hair removal techniques including waxing are taught, along with application of cosmetic products. Students learn to recommend treatments to help clients lessen age-related skin damage and maintain the healthiest skin possible.

Overview of Career Outlook for Oregon Estheticians

Licensed estheticians in Oregon usually work as employees or contractors at salons and spas. Spa environments are private, soothing, and relaxing for customers and employees alike. Some estheticians work alongside dermatologists and plastic surgeons, treating people with skin conditions or damage from injury or illness. Other medical estheticians work with burn patients in hospitals as part of a treatment team.

The BLS reports that Oregon estheticians earn an annual average salary of $42,180 before tips. Oregon is the second highest paying state in the US for skincare specialists. The city of Portland is the seventh highest paying metropolitan area in America for estheticians. Licensed skincare specialists there earn an annual average salary of $43,260 before tips. Most estheticians take continuing education courses to specialize in advanced skills and increase their income.  If the field of skin care sounds appealing, consider consulting an Oregon esthetics school about a future career.

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Esthetics Schools in OR