Cosmetology Schools and Programs in Oregon

When you initially think of Oregon, perhaps a thriving art scene and vibrant culture do not come to mind. The truth is that Oregon can be a fantastic place to practice cosmetology and learn the most cutting-edge techniques in the field. With urban cities like Portland, Oregon can be a very exciting place to practice cosmetology. There are also an array of cosmetology schools that can be found in Oregon, and you can find almost any type of program that you seek. Whether you want to specialize in nail art or become a barber with your own shop, you can find a beauty program that meets your needs.

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Overview of Cosmetology Schools and Curriculum in Oregon

The first step to becoming a cosmetologist will be to submit an application at the individual cosmetology schools that appeal to you. You may wish to apply to more than one cosmetology school to see whether you will qualify for any financial aid or scholarships from the school. You may also wish to research all of the statistics at these particular schools so that you can make the choice that is right for you. For example, you may wish to learn about any extracurricular activities or student organizations that a school has. You may also be interested in taking courses that teach you specialized skills, such as how to perform laser hair removal services.

Licensing Requirements in Oregon

To become a cosmetologist in Oregon, the Oregon State Board of Cosmetology requires that you complete at least 2,300 hours of coursework and training. To become a hairstylist, you only need to complete 1,450 hours of coursework and training. When you want to obtain a license to become a barber, only 1,100 hours of training are required. Only 250 hours of training are required to become an esthetician. If you want a license for the application of permanent makeup, then you will need to contact the Oregon State Board of Cosmetology to learn the requirements.

A cosmetology license must be renewed every two years, and the fee for a renewal is $40.

Job and Employment Outlook for Cosmetologists in Oregon

In Oregon, the average salary of a cosmetologist is $29,020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This compares to the national average salary for cosmetologists of $26,790. Manicurists and pedicurists can expect to earn an average salary of $24,760 in Oregon.  Take note that these salary figures do not include tip money.

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Cosmetology Schools in Oregon