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Barbering Schools in Oklahoma

If you have a business-minded attitude, you will do well in the personal care field. In addition, as a barbering student, you might find that you are able to recruit lifelong customers through the student salon or through your apprenticeship, while you are still training for your license.

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However, you have to love working with people and enjoy making them happy in order to make money in this industry. So it is important to keep in mind that a huge part of your job is about displaying CARE, at all times, since you are training to be a personal CARE, professional. Where your heart goes, appreciation in the form of money will be more likely to follow.

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Overview of Barbering Schools and Curriculum in Oklahoma

When you apply for schooling, your admissions officer will begin consulting you on financial aid if you do not already know how to proceed. Other staff members, throughout your training, will advise you regarding various things like car pooling, housing if necessary, study groups and partners, steps to take after graduation, your licensing test, career planning, resume building and even job placement.

Barber Licensing Requirements in Oklahoma

In order to test for your barbering license in Oklahoma, you must complete 1500 hours of training in no less than nine calender months. You must then apprentice under a licensed barber professional for 3000 hours. You cannot complete your apprenticeship within less than 18 months. The board recommends that you do not take more than two years to complete your apprenticeship. Your Barber’s Apprentice license will last for two years and then you must renew your Apprentice License or test for your Practitioner’s License.

If you do not complete your apprenticeship within five years, you will lose any accumulated hours that you have and you will have to start over again. Once you have completed your training and apprenticeship, and have passed your test, the Oklahoma State Barber Advisory Board will issue your license. You must renew your Barber Practitioner’s license by June 30th of every year and pay $25. A late fee is assessed after June 30th.

If you are licensed in another state and would like to work in Oklahoma, your work experience and training must be equivalent to the Oklahoma requirements in order for you to receive a license. You must prove that you are licensed in another state with your own documentation and your home state must provide Oklahoma with documented proof as well. You must then pay a fee determined by the board.

License reciprocity is determined on a case by case basis and in some instances you will be asked to complete more training or take some of Oklahoma’s tests.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state that offers residents low taxes, several decent school districts and a relatively low cost of living. As a barber, many of your clients will be hard working, blue collar men.

Oklahoma residents are friendly people. You can choose to work as a barber in one of the family oriented suburbs that populate much of the state; or you can choose to work in a fast paced, vibrant city like Oklahoma City or Tulsa; or you can choose to work in one of the fun loving college towns of Stillwater and Norman. In essence, there are many great places to establish yourself as a barbering professional in Oklahoma.

Some places will attract more long term clients, while other locations will attract younger, more transient types of clients. Either way, working in the barbering industry is a wise financial decision according the United States Labor Statistics Bureau. The average median income for barbers is around $22,500 a year, in addition to regular tips.

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Barbering Schools in Oklahoma

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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