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Cosmetology Schools in North Dakota

When you embark on a career in cosmetology, a wide variety of career options become available to you. Though most cosmetology professionals work in barber shops or beauty salons, many work in glamorous spas, high end salons, vacation resorts, hotels and even on cruise ships. Because of this, it’s not hard to find work in a pleasant environment when you become licensed in this field.

Overview of Cosmetology Schools and Curriculum in North Dakota

As a cosmetology professional, you will study hair styling, barbering, nail care or esthetics. As a cosmetologist and hair stylist, you will learn some things about esthetics and nail care along with things like how to cut hair, how to administer and touch up relaxers, and how to administer and touch up color treatments and more. As a barber, you will learn everything from basic tapered cuts to layered cuts, and as an esthetician, you will learn things like how to administer facials and facial analysis. As a nail care professional, you will learn things like manicures, pedicures and how to apply and care for artificial nails. Here is a list of cosmetology schools in North Dakota:

Cosmetologists Licensing in North Dakota

Once you have completed a certain number of course hours, you can test for your cosmetology or barbering license. Cosmetology licenses are issued by the North Dakota Board of Cosmetology and Barbering licenses are issued by the Board of Barber Examiners. Both boards will only accept vocational hours from accredited cosmetology schools in North Dakota. Here are the hours you must complete in order to test:

– Cosmetology – 1800 Hours
– Cosmetology Instructor – You must have a Cosmetology License and have 1 year of licensed work experience. You must then complete 160 More Hours of training at an accredited school.
– Esthetician – 600 Hours
– Nail Technician – 350 Hours
– Barber – 1500 Hours
– Massage – 750 Hours

All cosmetology professionals must renew their licenses annually by the 31st of December.  As a beauty or personal care practitioner, in order to renew, you must pay $15 and submit a renewal application. If you are a cosmetology instructor, you must pay $25, submit an application for renewal and complete 8 New Hours of training. The seminars or courses you take must be pre-approved by the board in order for you to receive credit for them. Continuing education credits are not required for beauty and personal care practitioners, but continuing education is strongly recommended.

If you are interested in working in North Dakota and have an out of state license, you must first submit an out of state application and pay the fees. If the education and experience you currently have is equal to or greater than the minimum licensing requirements in North Dakota, then you will receive a license. If the current education and experience you have is less than what is required in North Dakota, you might have to take the North Dakota Board Exams for Sanitation and Cosmetology Law. In many cases, 3000 hours of licensed work experience will be equivalent to 300 hours of approved training.

Job and Employment Outlook for Cosmetologists in North Dakota

North Dakota is a wonderful, safe, family friendly place to live, with lots of touristy spots and recreational towns. There are many opportunities for you to find personal care work throughout the state in various types of environments. According to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, the average income of a personal care professional is around $22,500 a year.