Beauty Schools in Greensboro North Carolina

How many people have complained to you about the state of their hair lately? Everyone seems to want to look better, but few people have the skills to make it happen. If you have a knack for whipping up the right hairstyle for someone, mastering a new braiding technique you saw on Pinterest, or picking the perfect colors for someone’s style and coloring, then the beauty industry needs your innovation and your creativity.

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The city of Greensboro, with over 280,000 people, has a very successful beauty industry. In addition to working with the hundreds of thousands of people who live in this city, being a beauty professional in this area means working with clients from local rural and suburban areas.

Beauty school is a pretty big investment, so definitely take some time looking at different options to make sure you are choosing the right career for you. If you want to learn all about this industry and be able to take on any procedure in it, a cosmetology degree could be exactly what you are looking for.

Even if you only want to work with hair, you need a cosmetology degree. If you prefer a smaller specialty like permanent hair removal, nanotechnology, or esthetics, you may be able to complete your training more quickly. If you attend school full-time, you may become a nail technician in a few short weeks.

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Life and Career Options for Beauticians in Greensboro Area

If you are already passionate about beauty, you probably have hairdresser friends or a stylist that you trust with your life. Don’t be afraid to learn from them—in fact, networking is one of the best things you can do for your career. Learning from successful beauty professionals, attending training events, and making connections with salon owners are all great ways to get your foot in the door.

You may want to start networking by joining a local group like the North Carolina State Beauticians and Cosmetologists Association. It’s also good to go to training events like the Southern Spa and Salon Conference, which is located in North Carolina every year.

You never know what career opportunities are waiting for you in a new industry, but learning about local employers is a good first step. Some of the biggest beauty employers in Greensboro include Tranquil Touch, Vanity Hair Lounge and Boutique, Regis Corporation, and Jones & Co. Salon.

You won’t really know how much money you can earn in this field until you start working, but Greensboro salaries are pretty close to what cosmetologists around the state report. Remember, beauty professionals earn an hourly wage plus tips, which is why it’s so important for you to have a loyal customer base.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay rate for a cosmetologist in Greensboro is $13.38 per hour (2015). In contrast, nail technicians earn an average of $11.54 per hour and skin care specialists bring in a median income of $15.27 per hour (BLS, 2015).

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