Barbering Schools in New York

For ambitious barbers, New York is the place to be! You can take your career to unexpected heights and take advantage of a variety of opportunities when you decide to become a barber in New York.

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From elite salons in Manhattan to barber shops that thrive on relationships with local residents in Brooklyn, you can find the perfect type of working environment for you in this big city. New York makes for a truly dynamic place to practice the art of barbering!

The top 90 percent of barbers earn a salary of about $43,000 in the United States.

Plus, you can earn a very significant salary when you decide to work in New York, and the state always has a demand for more qualified barbers. You can even strive to become considered one of the top barber shops in the city! Before you embark on your dream career, it is important for you to research all of the barber schools that are available in New York. Here is a list of the barbering programs that are currently offered in New York: wants you to become another great success story to come from the Big Apple. That’s why we have compiled all the top schools in New York that offer barbering programs. You can continue reading to learn more about earning your barbering education. Or, if you’re ready to speak with schools about their programs, use our directory to request more information! Be sure to contact a few schools to make sure you choose the best one for you.

Overview of Schools and Curriculum in New York

As you browse this full list of barbering programs, you should pay attention to the types of specific courses that are offered. You may wish to specialize in a particular type of haircut or shaving style. You should also research the job placement statistics of barbering schools.

The typical curriculum of barbering schools in New York includes:

– Shaving
– Hair care
– Hair styling
– Hair cutting
– Hair bleaching
– Hair weaving
– Hair coloring
– Laws and regulations
– Health and safety concerns
– Professional etiquette
– And more!

Barber Licensing Requirements in New York

To become a licensed barber in New York, it is recommended that you complete a program at an accredited barbering school. The New York Board of Cosmetology requires that students partake in a two-year apprenticeship to receive a barbering license. This means that a student will need to receive instruction from a licensed barber in New York for a period of two years. This is a requirement that is completed in good faith. In addition to completing the apprenticeship, students are also formally required to complete a course that studies the transmission of contagious diseases.

There are certain states that share reciprocity with New York. If you already have a barbering license from Maine, Pennsylvania or New Mexico, then you will be able to transfer your license. You will need to submit an application with the New York Board of Cosmetology.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in New York

In New York, barbers earn an average salary of $21,890 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationally, the lowest average salary of a barber was about $17,000. The top 90 percent of barbers earn a salary of about $43,000 in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that the demand for barbers will increase by nine percent in the next 10 years.

Don’t wait to start working toward your goal of becoming a barber. Contact the schools below to learn more about their programs!

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Barber Schools in New York


Hudson Valley Barber Institute – Middletown, NY
American Barber Institute – New York, NY
Shear Ego International School of Hair Design – Rochester, NY
Europa School of Cosmetology – Schenectady, NY
Jordan Lynn School for Appearance Enhancement – Schenectady, NY