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Cosmetology Schools in New Mexico

It’s a great time to be a personal care professional. With the growth of YouTube, social networking and the growing popularity of reality TV shows, more and more regular people need to look their absolute best because they are literally in the public eye like only celebrities once were. In addition, there is a lot of health and beauty information available online and people want to look and feel their best, because they now know that beauty and health is more accessible to them than they once realized.

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Overview of Cosmetology Schools and Curriculum in New Mexico

When you attend the top cosmetology schools in New Mexico, you can expect to learn both the business side of your profession and the skills side. If you are studying to be a cosmetology or barbering practitioner, you will complete your studies within nine months to a year. If you are interested in massage, esthetics, nail tech work, or electrologist work, you might be done within less than six months. Here is a listing of cosmetology schools in New Mexico:

Cosmetologist Licensing in New Mexico

Once you finish your training hours, you must take your licensing test. Once you pass your test, you will receive your license from the New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists, located in Santa Fe. The hours you must complete before being allowed to test are as follows:

– Cosmetology – 1600 Hours
– Cosmetology Instructor – You must have attained your license and have completed 1000 Additional Hours of training.
– Esthetician – 600 Hours
– Nail Technician – 350 Hours
– Electrologist – 600 Hours
– Barber – 1200 Hours
– Massage Therapist – 650 Hours

You must pay $50 to renew your personal care practitioner’s license every year. If you are a cosmetology instructor, you must attain 12 Additional Hours of continuing education every year in order to renew your license. Practitioners are not required to attain any additional CEU credits. However, continuing education is strongly recommended it you want to earn the most money in the beauty and barbering industry.

If you are a licensed cosmetologist in another state and are moving to the New Mexico area, there are a few things that you have to do in order to work. You must provide an affidavit from the state regulatory agency where your current license is in good standing, stating that you are licensed. The training hours you completed before licensure should be equal to or greater than the required hours for testing in New Mexico. 150 Hours of licensed work experience can substitute if your training hours are a bit low. If you don’t have enough licensed work experience or training hours, the board will probably ask you to take further classes at an accredited cosmetology school and take exams before allowing you to work.

Job and Employment Outlook for Cosmetologists in New Mexico

Living and working as a cosmetologist in the Land of Enchantment, can be a real treat. With the high elderly, performing artist, creative artist, Native American and Hispanic American populations in New Mexico, you will be able to work with many different types of clients. Whether you choose to work in culturally rich Albuquerque or artistic Santa Fe, salons and personal care businesses throughout the state are fun places to work. In addition, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in this industry, you can expect to earn over $20,000 a year plus tips.

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Cosmetology Schools in New Mexico